Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 7

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Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 7 Empty Sony Cup Series Power Rankings -- Week 7

Post by FUEL on April 22nd 2018, 7:02 pm

Following the Round of New Hampshire

1. Dom Caps (+1) -- Coming off a miserable run at Springfield, Dom Caps showed no sign of a slump at New Hampshire. Starting 10th and dropping out of the Top 10 early looked as though Caps wouldn't have the best day over all but Caps and his Martin Motorsports team showed championship worthy signs as they worked on that car all day long and worked their way up the order and eventually towards the front in the closing laps and was able to pass teammate Matthew Rodriguez for the lead and the win.... Caps led only 26 laps at New Hampshire and it was the final 26 laps to win his 4th race of the season in just 7 starts!

2. Jake Baskinger (-1) -- Starting 17th wasn't the most ideal starting position for the Season 15 Champ but he worked his way up the order as the race progressed and found himself in a position to win! However, Baskinger had about a 5th place car near the end of the race and was going to settle for 6th near the end until he blew up off the final corner on the last lap! Only losing 1 position it could have been way worse for the point leader. Baskinger earned yet another solid Top 10 finish but lost a bit of his point lead to Dom Caps who is motivated than ever to take it back.

3. Jesse Turner (+1) -- Jesse Turner nearly qualified on pole for the race at New Hampshire and all race he had a great car. Top 3 car all day for Jesse Turner however he just wasn't as good as Matthew Rodriguez all race and found himself held up behind Rodriguez most of  the day. Near the end he was able to follow Caps by Rodriguez to work his way into 2nd... This was Turner's 6th consecutive Top 10 finish since his problems at Daytona! Turner sits only 14 points back from the point lead.

4. Matthew Rodriguez (+7) -- Matthew Rodriguez since Atlanta has been on a hot streak. He's been climbing up the points standings super fast and his performance in the last few weeks out performs any driver in front of him the past few weeks. Rodriguez is definitely someone to watch after having quite possibly the best car all race. He finished 3rd at New Hampshire and is 8th in points now!

5. D.J. Kurtis (-2) -- Kurtis came off some really good runs recently but this weekend he looked like a potential threat to win the race! He started on pole with a fast car but he fell through the field all race and eventually fell to 18th. Which is a very lack luster run for the defending champion. We expect him to be back to true form next weekend for the first road course of the season.

6. Luke Martin (+9) -- Luke Martin has only 5 starts this season which is 2 starts less than everyone else in points around him but he sits 16th in points! He could actually be a contender for the championship if he stuck around all year. It's amazing to see Martin this high in points with 2 less starts than everyone. Martin's races lately have been great. 2 Top 5 finishes in the last 3 races and has been climbing up in points rapidly. He's very underrated right now but he's been right there at the front in these races for Mace Enterprises. He started outside the Top 20 at New Hampshire and came away with a Top 5!

7. Cody Llamas (+2) -- Cody Llamas had a great car for New Hampshire until he got wrecked by a lap car during pit stops to wreck him out of a Top 5 run... everyone counted Llamas out but he fought all race from the tail end of the field after making repairs to finish 6th! Amazing run by Cody Llamas and his race team. Considering he's had so much bad luck this season, Llamas would be contending for the point lead if he could just have things go his way.

8. Dajon Weeks (+2) -- For the first time in a couple races now, Dajon Weeks is actually competing up towards the front! He hasn't made much noise since the start of the year but finally a Top 10 run and even ran in the Top 5 for a good portion of the day. Weeks and YAMP Motorsports have hit on something as they have found some speed again with their Top 10 Finish at New Hampshire.

9. Dillon Young (+2) -- Dillon Young got knocked out of the Power Rankings last week but his fantastic showing at New Hampshire when he started outside the Top 25 to work his way into the Top 10 late is the kind of runs any teams would love to have from their driver. Young struggled in qualifying but got on the wheel during the race and got a great finish in the Top 10. Young's Top 10 finish at New Hampshire leaped him inside the Top 10 in points!

10. Ryan Acosta (-2) -- A great qualifying run for Ryan Acosta put him inside the Top 5 on the start of the race and surprisingly Acosta stayed in the Top 5 for much of the beginning part of the race and even led some laps near the middle stage of the race until Matthew Rodriguez blew past for the lead. Not much was said about Acosta in the 2nd half of the race however he put up a great race. He fell down the order to finish 13th but this was Acosta's 5th Top 15 finish this season and despite not having a single Top 10 all year... Acosta sits 6th in points!

MOVED IN: Matthew Rodriguez, Luke Martin and Dillon Young
MOVED OUT: Steven Jenkins, James Silverfox and Nick Mace

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