Eric Demax giving Mace Enterprises the silent treatment?

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Eric Demax giving Mace Enterprises the silent treatment? Empty Eric Demax giving Mace Enterprises the silent treatment?

Post by EugeneDemax24 on May 7th 2018, 8:58 am

Ever since a day after the announcement of Eric Demax being demoted back to the HNS program last week, Eric pretty much has barely talked to the team ever since.
There were numerous reports coming from the Mace Enterprises camp of the fact that Eric has not been to any of the team meetings and barely even talks to his pit members and even ignores his own teammates. In fact, heading into practice at Road America this weekend, Eric only gave simple instructions to make the car handle better and just flat out headed back to his trailer.
A lot of members from that 5 team is not liking how Eric has been acting lately and pretty much is talking behind his back and Nick Mace, the team owner, is not a happy camper either of how both sides have been acting...
Eric has not only been ignoring his team members, his teammates, and his team owner, but Eric also just flat out ignored his father for the past few days as in case the reason why some fans saw a little family fued in the garage area...
So the question is why. Why would Eric give everyone the cold shoulder and put himself on quiet mode?
Well most fans already knew that it's not due to hate or spite with the team. They think it's a result of that interview Eric did earlier this week about that he needs to "rely on his own and not rely on others anymore." Eric may also be doing this due to not plating as many thoughts on to his plate...
So obviously there has been some early team chemistry woes between Eric and Mace Enterprises... can these chemistry issues make things even worse at Road America this race weekend? Or is it just part of Eric's rather cold and indifferent process to make sure he does well for the rest of the year?
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