Hero Motorsports releases Nick Pericles

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Hero Motorsports releases Nick Pericles Empty Hero Motorsports releases Nick Pericles

Post by FUEL on May 22nd 2018, 3:30 pm

Hero Motorsports which was renamed from Red Bull Racing after last year came into the new year with veteran driver of Nick Pericles and rookie driver of Bobby Jones... If you didn't know any better you couldn't tell that this team had won 2 races last year with Zachary Fitzwater being it's driver... For 2018, Hero Motorsports sits 32nd and 33rd in points with both Pericles and Jones scoring 1 Top 10 finish all year.

All of the full time Toyota teams have seemed to be in panic mode to try and find speed that the other teams have had. Hero Motorsports has been working on their cars to make sure they are capable of good things, however, after Richmond both drivers for Hero Motorsports failed to finish Top 30 and Pericles the veteran driver was quoted talking with a reporter post race this his race team is terrible after finishing 3 laps down in 34th place.

Nick Pericles has a career total of 2 wins coming back in 2015 and is looked to be the team leader but due to his comments and lack of performance to be the team leader that the team owner of Jake Baskinger is wanting from his race team, Hero Motorsports has decided to terminate Nick Pericles' contract.

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