New "Lucky Dog" rule put in place

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New "Lucky Dog" rule put in place Empty New "Lucky Dog" rule put in place

Post by nhood53 on May 26th 2018, 10:55 am

After a crazy race at Veltins Arena where many people were trapped a lap down, the series has decided to move to a system similar to the NASCAR lucky dog system. The system was trialed in the NMGAR 800 and at Veltins Arena and has worked out so far, with many fan favorites rebounding from serious early issues to get really good results. One case in point of this was Veltins winner Bul Dalton, who was a lap down in 29th place before he received the lucky dog and then went on to catch a caution and take the lead and win. The series says it hopes the system will help to promote the backmarkers in position and hence make it an even playing field for everyone involved.

Here are the new rules implemented to help this system work the way the series hopes:
1. Double file restarts. (OOC: I use NR2003 Save Game Editor to make these)
2. First car in the lineup not on the lead lap and not involved in the crash gets their lap back.
3. If someone is multiple laps back, they only regain one lap.
4. Cars involved in a HEAVY crash get relegated two laps (OOC: to make up for the fact that they won't be slow on the ensuing restarts)
5. Cars affected by #4 will be knocked out if involved in a second crash if and only if that crash is included in the conditions of #4.
6. This rule does not come into play when the wreck or other caution occurs in the final 5% of the race unless the race is at a track such as Veltins Arena (where the cars have some form of struggle with an element of the track like Veltins' pit road)

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