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BBJ Out At Blue Flare Motorsports! Empty BBJ Out At Blue Flare Motorsports!

Post by MrKyleCollins on June 5th 2018, 2:12 pm

After running in the #81 for close to a year Blue Flare Motorsports and the Canadian Bradley Bishop Jr. have agreed to terminate their Cup partnership with each other.

"He's only put up mediocre stats for most of his Blue Flare career, and after getting on the officials bad side all those races ago we started to feel distant with him. While yes, he has put together some solid runs he did better elsewhere and with this new qualifying system it'll already be hard for us to qualify. So having an inconsistent driver like Bishop Jr. won't be good for the corporation. He is aware of this and agreed, so this will be the end of the Blue Flare-BBJ partnership for now at least. We wish the youngin the best in his future endeavors" said Blue Flare Motorsports GM Johnson Freeman.

But that being said, the #81 now has an open spot. So BFM have agreed to give long time friend, and owner of their HNS affiliated team (RSR) a ride for 2-3 races to test what he can do in that ride. That guy being Nick Pericles.

"We've always been huge fans of Nick Pericles. I'll never doubt that this guy has talent. He fucking killed it back in his Coorweiser days and did so much better than expected in his Mountain Dew days. Even winning a race. I believe that potential is still in him. It's just he keeps getting screwed over. So we'd love to give him this opportunity like we did in 2016. If it doesn't work out we'll update all you fans on that and the #81 will be cut off the grid until 2019."

Nick Pericles hasn't competed with Blue Flare Motorsports 2016 and only put up mediocre stats. But the team is better now than they were so hopefully luck will travel their way.

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