Top 10 Most Historic NMGAR Finishes Thus Far

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Top 10 Most Historic NMGAR Finishes Thus Far Empty Top 10 Most Historic NMGAR Finishes Thus Far

Post by nhood53 on June 8th 2018, 5:40 pm

10. S5 Dover- The race more well known as Lapped-car-itis. It's winner was Shane Huddleson, driver who was struggling as a non charter driver. If you can't tell by the nickname, the lapped cars were a huge problem here, wrecking every other lap taking each other out and even an incident where the then current leader Joey Lombardi got taken out by a lapper on lap 61. Huddleson was the last person left on the lead lap.
9. S9 New Hampshire- This race set the caution record all-time in NMGAR, counting 28 cautions in that race. To this day only S9 Iowa and S8 Indianapolis have came close to topping that record. Brenna Carmichael in the 90 scored this win.
8. S4 Bristol- The infamous race where Ian Dutta flipped over the pit wall at Bristol. This race was also the caution record holder in its time, hitting 11. Cody Hagen went on to win this one after causing the infamous flip.
7. S4 Daytona- The closest Daytona 500/Season Opener in history. It featured a battle between Cody Hagen and rookie Louise Johnson in which Johnson took the win.
6. S8 Kentucky- Closest margin of victory in series history. After 2 hours of examining photo evidence it was concluded that Rob Mooney barely edged out Nathan Hood in his second career start.
5. S1 DDS Richmond- This one is only remembered for Ingrid Weiss's crash that forced her to lose the race giving the race to Pedro. While this is the most notable event from the race, it was filled with plenty of good passing and a good race for the win in the end, with Pedro claiming his first win.
4. S3 Talladega- Many ClimberTech fans will say this was the most memorable race they ever saw. The at-this-time grassroots operation claimed its first win with Nathan Hood at Talladega, leading 5 laps en route to the dominating win.
3. S7 Dover- By far one of the most interesting championship battles of all time. Charles Sandfer and Scott Roush traded the points lead 10 times in the final 100 laps, ultimately leading to a win and a championship for Sandfer. This race also featured the second-to-last engine blow-up on track before SX.
2. S8 Atlanta NMGAR 800- The longest distance race in CTRS history at 807.5 miles. Also a very good competitive race, with Jarvi Lethinen winning.
1. S3 Dover- Man, if a NMGAR fan that was around in Season 3 was still around today, they would definitely say that the best race they have ever seen was the finish to the Season 3 Dover 400. This race resulted from a late race caution for a wreck off Turn 2 leading to a 4 to go restart. The race came down between Nathan Hood and the Bayne brothers- Brandon and TO. On the last lap, Hood slid down the track, careening into Brandon's 45 GDP Dodge and then into TO's car. Hood and TO would spin out in turn 3 leading to an 8 car crash. Brandon Bayne snuck by and won the race, one that everyone will remember.

Nathan Hood

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