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Post by Hsuorttocs on June 12th 2018, 2:53 pm

After the release by request of Tyler Commons, Roush Family Racing did some soul searching and just within 45 minutes of Commons' release falling through, the team found someone. The driver they found was Chris Louviere, you know, 'the driver that has a fur suit in his closet' Chris Louviere. He has the most experience out of all the drivers RFR looked at, having 4 wins in the top level of competition (Sony Cup Series).

The team has high hopes for their new driver, one of the higher ups in the team can be quoted as saying that they thought it was "an upgrade from Commons." Tyler Commons would be remembered by RFR as one of the drivers to have the most complaints on the radio because he wasn't up at the front. He requested to leave RFR last Saturday, after Gateway.

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