Ian Drobloski makes two questionable flagcalls

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Ian Drobloski makes two questionable flagcalls Empty Ian Drobloski makes two questionable flagcalls

Post by nhood53 on October 16th 2016, 2:33 pm

Officials Start Controversy in Garage, Penalties Handed Down
Another odd thing about the NMGAR 800 at Atlanta was the timing of the cautions. Official flag man Ian Drobloski was fined $100,000 after putting the caution out on lap 139. The caution was unwarranted by anything on-track, and was an obvious attempt by Drobloski to take away the chances of many drivers to win. It is likely thought in the garage that Drobloski caused the Tripontakio Vernio crash and resulting injuries. Another investigation led to a team warning handed down to ClimberTech. It was discovered that Nathan Hood and Gideon Giegers' cars had illegal body mods after Hood's 53 Chevrolet dramatically sped up during the 800-mile event. Our original suspicion on this was that Hood's car was being benefited by damage to Roman Rehall due to hitting the wall while avoiding Luca Icks. Giegers had penalties due to the Birmingham 500, when he was running second. His speed was caused by the team making aerodynamic changes to the 61.

Nathan Hood

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