Nowhere to go for Eric Demax for 2019?

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Nowhere to go for Eric Demax for 2019? Empty Nowhere to go for Eric Demax for 2019?

Post by EugeneDemax24 on July 7th 2018, 3:58 pm

Ever since the announcement of Eric Demax departing from Mace Enterprises after the 2018 season, many were wondering where he would go for 2019. Some say that he's the hottest driver available right now in the HNS market but some people speculate that Eric Demax may be without a drive for 2019 and is basically a sitting duck...

The reason why Eric Demax may be driveless for 2019 is that it all heavily depends on the driver market on both the Cup and National side. Some rumors are speculating that all of the top and mid-field HNS teams may keep their current line-up for next year since half the HNS field are rookies that wants all the experience they can get and if the veterans can't find a Cup ride, they technically have no choice but to stay put in HNS for another season.

Another reason why Eric Demax may be without a drive is... his recent luck on the track. Ever since he came back to HNS, his luck in races have been what some fans described as "horrid" even though he has racked up some decent results lately. Eric's "horrid" luck ranged from mechanical failures, being an innocent bystander in wrecks, etc. Not only that but his stats in HNS so far this season are not really something to be proud about...

0 wins
1 top 5
3 top 10s
and an average finish of 21.25 in only 9 out of 11 starts...
That's... kind of lackluster considering the fact that he's driving a Mace car...

But some fans have been proven wrong before. Maybe Eric will find a ride for 2019... only time will tell.
What do you guys think? Will Eric Demax find himself a competitive ride for 2019? Did he just gave away his chance of driving a competitive car ever again? Or will Eric be sitting along the sidelines for next season?
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