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Flying Aces Racing: A Team to Look Out For?

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Flying Aces Racing: A Team to Look Out For? Empty Flying Aces Racing: A Team to Look Out For?

Post by johnnyracer24 on July 13th 2018, 4:45 pm

Flying Aces Racing came onto the scene for the 2018 season with not a lot of goals in mind, mainly to just finish races and see what can happen from there, but with help from Kurtis Racing and CM Racing along with a solid driver in Alexander Rowe, Flying Aces Racing has been able to chop off Top 20s, even when he starts in the rear of the field. So when going into 2018, an alliance that was already bonding has been strengthened with Flying Aces Racing getting more technical support from Kurtis and CM Racing throughout the season. With this, they have been able to open up a second car sponsored by a pair of new sponsors that will be driven by Kyle Basaglia in the 25 car. Furthermore, Blue Bell will be joined with a new sponsoring Alexander Rowe next season. 

Team owner Jeff Davis: "We're going into next season looking for more Top 10s and possibly Top 5s. Having two solid veterans to our team. I completely believe that the 05 and 25 will both be able to contend for good positions throughout the season, and perhaps we might surprise people."

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