Martin Motorsports Changes Manufactures For 2019

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Martin Motorsports Changes Manufactures For 2019 Empty Martin Motorsports Changes Manufactures For 2019

Post by LukeMartin6 on July 13th 2018, 9:20 pm

Luke Martin, owner of Martin Motorsports held a press conference Friday evening to announce some major news for the organization. News that'll stir up the garage and get everyone talking about the future. It wouldn't be a silly season without Luke Martin making this crazy storyline and blowing the minds of the entire SCS community. As we all know, Martin Motorsports is atop the SCS right now with 8 wins in 17 races. They are the top Ford team right now with Turner Performance Racing right on their heals. Luke Martin has decided he's ready to pass on the torch of best Ford team to his buddy Jesse Turner and his team.

Luke Martin is excited to announce that Martin Motorsports will be switching to Toyota in 2019. I'm sure you're all wondering, "why would they do that? They're the top of Ford?" That's just it, there's nothing more to gain. Luke Martin is all about challenges. Throughout the years of Martin Motorsports, Luke had always made a point to sign rookies and unproven drivers to the team and try to turn them into superstars. For example, Jesse Turner, Jeff James, Jordan Davis and DJ Kurtis. All of them came to the team and nobodies. And now I say those names and you know exactly who I'm talking about. Well the challenge has excalated from just turning drivers into legends. It's going to be turning an entire manufacture around. We never see Toyotas run well and Luke thinks he can change that in 2019 and beyond. Martin Motorsports will still be building their own engines and chassis just like always and will be building fast cars as always. We are excited to see what Martin Motorsports can do in 2019 and see if they can maintain their great cars and performances, or if they flop with the rest of the manufacture. Luke Martin is up for the challenge to change things up and change the look the SCS.
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