Dylan Schwallenberg extends contract with Kurtis Racing for 2019

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Dylan Schwallenberg extends contract with Kurtis Racing for 2019 Empty Dylan Schwallenberg extends contract with Kurtis Racing for 2019

Post by DKurtis on July 13th 2018, 11:08 pm

Kurtis Racing has been through a massive hurdle, surviving in the Sony Cup Series. And for Dylan Schwallenberg, transitioning from being a HNS champion to a Cup ride has been challenging. The team started off with a rocky start to the season, and the youngster ended up missing out in Auto Club, not making the race. As the races progressed, the team has been getting better, in which Schwallenberg would put up some solid results for the team. The #8 would showcase some speed in qualifying, and at times would be up there within the top 10 to top 20 area. He would earn a few top 10s, wiith a notable run at Kansas by finishing within the top 5, and running with the leaders throughout. Schwallenberg has continued to showcase promise in his career and is currently running 24th in the points standings despite missing a race. Recently, Schwallenberg had a good run coming at Sebring, before mechanical issues plagued the #8.

Owner Joseph Kurtis has announced that Dylan Schwallenberg will remain in the #8 seat for the 2019 season. Bandit Chippers and FOE also plan to stay on the #8 for 2019, and with other sponsors wanting to help fund Kurtis Racing.

J. Kurtis: "We have been seeing the progress with what our team has become these past couple of months, and to see how much we've improved is fascinating. We've seen the speed Schwal can do and how he exceeds our expectations. We were realistically aiming for top 30s, but the kid finds a way to do real well with the amount of raw speed he possesses. He's a HNS champion for a reason. With obtaining Athenian assets and due to the performances shown, we have attracted some sponsors for Schwallenberg. He has been loyal to us from the start, so I personally believe that loyalty is fundamental, and will help us fix some issues we have. We're looking forward to being more consistent and reliable for next year, and with Schwal being patient, I believe he could bring great things for both his career and our team as a whole."

As for the second seat, it still remains as a mystery. Many believe that Davis could go to the seat, or that Hernandez may stay for another season. It is still up to debate as of now.

"Life can be complicated, but it's an inevitable fate." -D.J. Kurtis

2 time Sony Cup Series Champion, a HNS Champion (as an owner), and President of the Hardee's National Series

Owner of Kurtis Racing for the HNS (#14, #4), SCS, (#8, #4), and KR Honda for ARCSOA (#9, #48).

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