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Shepherd and Juckem fight after incident at Canadian Tire

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Shepherd and Juckem fight after incident at Canadian Tire Empty Shepherd and Juckem fight after incident at Canadian Tire

Post by DKurtis on July 14th 2018, 2:21 pm

Aidan Shepherd has had quite a memorable season. Throughout most of the year the youngster has struggled to reach inside the top 10 in points. He is the lowest running Rodriguez Racing entry as of now, but has re-signed with the team for the 2019 season, as well as his teammates of Angel and Marchesi. However, he showcases areas of speed in which he ends up finishing inside the top 10 for many races, and Shepherd is wanting to charge back on a late season charge.

Canadian Tire proved to be a struggle with him as he and James Shelly collided at the end of the Andretti straightaway, sending both cars into the dirt and into the wall. Shepherd, trying to get down pit lane, ending up getting in the way of Emmett Juckem, who was intending on staying out in order to follow Fearsport's strategy. The two ended up colliding, sending Juckem and Shepherd into pit lane. An upset Juckem turned the #60 into the pit wall, as well as himself in the process. Shepherd would finish the race 29th, while Juckem would finish the race in 26th. After the race, Shepherd had a discussion with James Shelly, and they quickly resolved the ordeal. Later, Shepherd confronted Juckem. The two had a heated argument and soon, Shepherd used a right hook, nailing Juckem in the face. The crews had to gather the two away from each other, and both were sent to the hauler after the race. They were quickly interviewed as well.

Shepherd: It's a shame we got taken out again, the #40 divebombed us on the outside line, putting us both in a bad spot. We talked about the ordeal and he apologized to me and we were on good terms from there. Juckem drove like a drunk though, I signaled that I had to pit, but he disregarded that and he ended up dumping me in the pit lane. I despise being a pinball on the track, and sooner or later I had to do something about it. I got taken out by a has been at Gateway, and a part time driver that drove like a drunk takes me out here. If that's how Dodge wants to represent their team, let them be, it would only hurt them in the long term. I just hate it for my guys in the #60, they work their asses off week in and out, and we can't get the results we deserve. It's just frustrating."

Juckem: "The kid didn't bother giving a signal if he was coming down pit lane. Plus, if he was slow, he should've waited for me to go around and then he could come in. Instead, he dragged me with him in frustration and I was trying to slow my car down but I ended up nailing him in the side and we both got up into the pit wall. It was stupid of him to try and come down pit lane so suddenly. Our car wasn't the best, but we certainly would've had a solid run inside the top 15. That hot temper of his isn't gonna get him too far, I'll tell you that. If he stopped wrecking his cars he wouldn't be in such a dire situation. He'll learn it the hard way sooner or later. Otherwise, I'm over it, it's just part of the sport. Sometimes we just do stupid things we regret."

Both drivers were given probation for the rest of the season, and if they end up wrecking each other out with malicious intent, suspensions could be issued for them based on the situation at hand.

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