Toyota in desperation mode

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Toyota in desperation mode Empty Toyota in desperation mode

Post by FUEL on July 16th 2018, 1:19 pm

In recent news, Martin Motorsports made a jaw dropping announcement when they announced that they'll be working with Toyota and getting Toyota engines for the 2019 Season. This move from some was seen as crazy due to Toyota only scoring Top 10's in 5 of the 18 races during the first half of the season with Zaedin Davidson at Road Atlanta being the only time they've scored a Top 5.

Martin Motorsports is not the only team jumping ship to Toyota in trying to help Toyota get back on top. Rodriguez Racing, who took over the Martin Motorsports assets in the National Series for this year, announced they will be moving to Cup and with Toyota.

Noah Hart also announced awhile back that he'll be opening shop for the rest of this racing season and preparing race cars for FUEL Brothers Racing to return to on track activities in 2019 partnered up with Toyota.

Toyota seems as though they are working behind the scenes with some very valuable teams in the series to try and get behind the most best well rounded teams possible to help get their product back out front and winning races. A lot of talk has been about how the horsepower just doesn't seem to be there so a lot of work is being done back at the shop to try and get the engines better than their competition.

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