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Robert Harrison penalized after Watkins Glen incident

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Robert Harrison penalized after Watkins Glen incident Empty Robert Harrison penalized after Watkins Glen incident

Post by DKurtis on July 21st 2018, 3:56 pm

Robert Harrison was notorious for an incident with the race leaders at Daytona, and now more controversy has stirred up for the veteran yet again.

Near the latter half of the event, the lapped driver was holding up Jek Porkins and Anthony Marchesi. Blue flags had been issued, but Harrison ignored the flags and stayed in the racing groove. As the three of them approached the bus stop, Harrison drove wide and washed back into Jek Porkins, sending himself into the tire barrier and taking Porkins and Marchesi, as well as an innocent Sean Angel with him. Marchesi would still finish 2nd, but Porkins and Angel would drop further down the order as a result, causing them to lose a bunch of points on their championship rivals.

Stewards have given the #74 a 30 point penalty for actions at the Glen. They have also investigated the Demax and Allen incident, but have stated that no further action will be taken, as they believe that Allen could have been much more patient around Demax.

One of the stewards stated: "We are working on being more consistent with our calls. Lapped cars are always a part of the sport, and if they do ridiculous shenanigans on the track that affect the lead lap cars, we will take action."

No further penalties have been implemented besides the one with Harrison.

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