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2018 - F1 2018 Analysis Empty F1 2018 Analysis

Post by JulioCesar on July 29th 2018, 8:31 pm

OK, before i speak about the current state of Williams this year, this is not the first time the team is at the back of the field. Williams were ok in 2010, but with financial difficulties (insert Force India here), their 2011 challenger, the FW33, even with Brazilian expert Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonaldo's PDVSA money, their car was really slow, only ahead of the trailling backmarkers of Lotus/Caterham, HRT and Virgin Marussia.
The FW33 was a total disaster because financial difficulties with a crashy driver like Maldonaldo, they only could score a miserable 5 points in 2011, and 90% of them came from Rubens Barrichello, who would retire at the end of 2011.
"During the course of the season, it became clear that the car was much less competitive than the Williams FW32 as the car tended to lack pace and struggled in races. Both drivers retired from the first two races of the season. In the next three races, both drivers finished, but failed to score any points. This made it the worst start to a season in the history of the Williams team. Monaco saw an improvement in the team's fortunes as Barrichello finished 9th. It could have been a double points finish for the team, but Maldonado retired after a collision with Lewis Hamilton, but was classified in 18th place after finishing more than 90% of the race. The same result also occurred in the chaotic 2011 Canadian Grand Prix where Barrichello finished 9th and Maldonado again retired after he spun off during the race. No more points were to come for the team until Spa, where Maldonado scored his first point with tenth place. This turned out to be the FW33's final point in F1; the team eventually finished the year ninth in the World Constructors' Championship standings, with five points, the team's lowest finish since its inaugural season in 1978. " - Wikipedia on the FW33's season review.
Second part of the embarassment: 2012
2012 was better than 2011, mainly due to the FW34 winning at spain in the hands of Pastor Maldonaldo. Bruno Senna was called up and had a better season than Maldonaldo if we exclude the win. the FW34 was better than the FW33, they finished off the season with 76 points, in 8th and ahead of Toro Rosso, which we can give a little break for STR in 2012 as their lineup was full of rookies (JEV and Ricci).
Third Part: 2013
hoo boy, the FW35.... It was a TOTAL DISASTER, They went back three years, and it was worse than 2011. They did not score a single point until HUNGARY, with Pastor Maldonaldo finishing tenth.
They couldn't even score more points until USA with a rookie Valtteri Bottas finishing 8th.
It was the same as 2011 but worse.
5 points, 9th and only ahead of Marussia and Caterham.
2014, with the regulation changes and Felipe Massa onboard, the team had a wholesome better season, with the highlight being a 2-3 in Yas Marina and scoring a whopping 76 points thanks to the double points system.
2015 and 2016 were ok, considering Massa was ageing.
2017 was where it began.
the FW40 failed to produce a single podium in 2017, with the only one being taken by Lance Stroll in Baku.
Now, where we are actually gonna talk about: 2018
the FW41 is a major setback from the FW40, and mainly was a pair of inexperieced drivers. Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin. Kubica, whose name was heavily coated for Williams, instead became a test/reserve driver.
Many people thought that Sauber would be the slowest car on the grid, but it was Williams.
They only scored on yet another crazy Baku race, with Lance Stroll in 8th.
But the main problem comes with Stroll: Him being whiney.
at Monaco, Lance had a blown tire but he didn't care. Vandoorne came into the radio and said:
"Honestly, is he serious? That's ******* dangerous!!"
Sirotkin has a miserable season, without really nothing to do, because Stroll's data is really low, unlike Leclerc and Ericsson at Sauber.
The bright side: It looks like Mercedes is gonna save Williams, as i believe they annouced a techincal partnership, just like Haas and Ferrari for 2019, and Mercedes junior George Russell might come to them in 2019.

OOC: This is my first time i make a analysis about a team. Hope you like it! There might be info missing from 2014-16 because they had decent years. Smile
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2018 - F1 2018 Analysis Empty F1 2018 Analysis: Sauber and it's relationship with Ferrari

Post by JulioCesar on July 30th 2018, 1:19 pm

It's the Seljuk Turks! Sauber time.
The team has been a backmarker since the horrendous 2014 season, when they scored no points.
2015 was better as Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson were consistent scores until lack of upgrades really hit them.
Overall they scored 36 points and finishing 8th, ahead of the nosense McLaren-Honda team and Manor Marussia.
2016 was a disaster, as the C35 was uncompetive and they spent most of the season in last after Pascal Wehrlein scored Manor's 3rd and final point in F1.
The team's only points came from Nasr's 9th plate at the treachously wet Brazilian GP at Interlagos, effectively killing his career and Manor.
2017 was a bad season, mainly due to the lack of power from the Ferrari 061, but hey it was more reliable than the McLaren-Honda tongue. The team scored 5 points, all of them from Wehrlein, despiste missing the first 2 races of the season due to injury, Ferrari junior Antonio Giovinazzi subbed him and did well knowing that he was thrown in Australia outta nowhere.
The team survived mainy because they had new owners in the form of Longbow Finance S.A. They originally had Honda engines for this year but managerial changes made them give up, retaining Ferrari.
Sergio Marchionne had already been planning to get the Alfa Romeo name back in the sport, and it became a reality this year. Alfa Romeo signed a multi'year techincal and sponsorship deal; the Alfa Romeo logo would appear and the team would rename to Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team. The deal also signed Ferrari prodigy Charles Leclerc, Jules Bianchi's longtime friend and ex-mentor(he passed away almost a year after his vicious accident in the Japanese GP in 2014). Sauber yet again kept Ericsson, and let's go into 2018.
Leclerc took a while to acoustumate, but shortly after he became a true prospect for F1 after a sensational Baku GP where he finished P6. He has been a consistent scorer since then.
Ericsson has been having a solid season so far, being a consistent top 15 guy.
The car is much more competitive than 2017, with it being a up-to-date Ferrari engine.
It's also faster than the Williams, yet Leclerc outperforms it a lot.
I predict they will come: 9th place, Leclerc and Ericsson will snatch a few more points, Leclerc is rumored for Ferrari next year.
Sauber has full acess to the Ferrari Driver Academy, and Giovinazzi should have a Sauber ride if Leclerc goes to Ferrari. Ericsson will not leave, but he can be a good guy to share data to.
Sauber has a bright future ahead after the dark times of 14-17 with Alfa Romeo.
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