Jordan Davis and Mace Enterprises will part ways after 2018

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Jordan Davis and Mace Enterprises will part ways after 2018 Empty Jordan Davis and Mace Enterprises will part ways after 2018

Post by FUEL on July 30th 2018, 3:06 pm

After a 5 year long agreement between 2 of them most iconic driver and owner duos in the garage... Jordan Davis will say goodbye to the race team he's drove for the past 5 seasons. Jordan Davis has accumulated 8 wins and the 2016 Championship driving for Mace Enterprises in his time with the team. Davis will be moving to YAMP Motorsports for the 2019 Season as he prepares his new journey elsewhere.

Jordan Davis: "I had a good run going at Mace. It's really helped me relaunch my career, but I believe it is time to move forward and go our separate ways. I thank Mace for all he's done for me, but it's time to move on." Jordan Davis will take on a new ride for 2019 at YAMP Motorsports. Little is known about their 2019 plans. Other parts of the news including that his 2018 Crew Chief Ron Evans will follow him to YAMP Motorsports. The pair teaming up in 2018 that led to two victories from the pole. It shall be interesting to see how the pair will do at YAMP Motorsports especially with Dajon recently coming on the win at Indy."

Mace Enterprises and Jordan Davis has had a great record over the years but it'll all come to an end. Nick Mace the car owner had this to say, "It's a shame to see him go. He's been with us for quite some time and has been one of my favorite drivers we've ever had on our team. Davis always could get the job done so maybe he can be good somewhere else but we'll be looking to beat him next year."

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