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Kyle Collins is retiring

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Kyle Collins is retiring Empty Kyle Collins is retiring

Post by MrKyleCollins on August 4th 2018, 2:32 pm

Yes, this is the big awaited announcement towards Kyle Collins’ SCS career. And no Kurtis, he isn’t coming out as gay Razz

He made his debut for PPI Motorsports in Season 15 piloting the #32 Tide machine. He went on to win the ROTY award. Season 16 he never got signed but he did compete in the only ever Total Drama NASCAR competition and finished in the top 3. This grabbed the attention of Noah Hart and for Season 17 he went on to race in the #2 Miller Lite machine for FUEL Brothers Racing alongside Jacob Hart and Luke Martin. He would go on to win his first and only race and finish second in the points. The following year he took his talents to Richard Petty Motorsports and drove the #44 Hotwheels machine where he didn’t do bad persay, but definitely was a downgrade to the season prior. In 2015 he was signed by legend Luke Martin to drive the #9 Coorweiser machine for Coorweiser Racing. This lasted 2 races... And he was booted from the team. But then he was signed but Tristan Wilhout to pilot the #3 Monster Energy machine for Monster Energy Motorsports. Giving Lexus some of their best runs to date. But in a scary IndyCar wreck he was “declared dead” and never ran anymore in the 2015 season. It was revealed at the end of the 2016 silly season Collins wasn’t dead and was finishing recovering from near death and was signed by his best pal Nick Pericles to drive the #32 Miller Lite machine for Red Stallions Racing. That season was trash for Collins and the next year he went to his own team driving the #41 Starbucks machine. He finished twelfth in the points and decided to run for them again. Currently sitting 24th in the points he’s made his decision. It is time to retire. From racing for Blue Flare.

He will be piloting the #86 for HorizonGroup come 2019. Collins believes this will be a great decision to further his career. HZG has had some amazing runs in their history and they’re finally going to have a veteran again to lead along Casey Lester and William Brock. He hopes to help turn the team around from their so-far underwhelming 2018 season.

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