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Olson penalized after Iowa incident with Llamas

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Olson penalized after Iowa incident with Llamas Empty Olson penalized after Iowa incident with Llamas

Post by DKurtis on August 5th 2018, 1:03 am

The round of Iowa was an area where many of the small teams could pounce on stealing some good points finishes. Some prospered like Vance Caldwell and Paul Jackson, but others weren't as lucky. One of the few drivers was Daniel Olson. Currently driving for Young Motorsports, he runs 33rd in the drivers points. At Iowa, he was running an average race, but a collision with him and Eric Monaco off turn 4 brought out the first caution of the day. However, that wasn't the primary reason he was penalized.

Under the caution, Daniel Olson and Cody Llamas rubbed doors during the pace laps. Olson was on Llamas's left side of the car, and when the field went down pit lane, Olson still remained there. The #39 remained in the transfer lane while Llamas followed the other lead lap cars into the pit lane once it was open. However, the #39 tried to speed past the #34, trying to get back onto the race track. However, it was to no avail. Both cars got into each other, sending both of them into the water barrels and out of the race. Will Lewis also got a piece of the wreckage, costing him his chances of a solid run.

Olson has been issued a 35 point penalty for the incident, and the reasoning behind such a bigger penalty was explained:

"It may seem like a controversial call, but you have to consider the sheer ridiculousness in the manner the incident took place. It is under caution especially. Lapped cars are supposed to know to not pit or be in such a position to hinder the lead lap cars. However, the #39 team failed to do so, and you saw the end results. It's a much harsher penalty due to how avoidable it could have been, you can reflect and think much more under yellow, as it is an area in the race where you can cool yourself down a bit and think of your strategy to get more track position. But this incident was due to a sheer lack of attention."

No further action has been taken after the announcement.

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Olson penalized after Iowa incident with Llamas Tumblr_inline_o45y9k9z151rd51ix_250
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