3 Big Changes Coming For 2019

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3 Big Changes Coming For 2019 Empty 3 Big Changes Coming For 2019

Post by FUEL on August 16th 2018, 4:02 pm

With 2019 on the horizon the amount of changes coming to the series is impressive. Sony Cup Series Officials months back announced the reveal of the new car that has been in the works and will take to the track for the 2019 Season. The new car for the Sony Cup Series will be a big enough change as it is but multiple changes to the series is expected to take place.

Here is a list of the changes that are in the works for taking place in 2019.


For every year the Sony Cup Series has been running... qualifying has been the deciding factor of how cars will line up on the grid for a race weekend and if qualifying is not able to take place the field is set by points to field the grid in their respected starting spots in order of how they are running in points.

This will all change for 2019. For 2019, the Top 10 teams in the Team Championship Standings will be locked into a race weekend. The teams who aren't Top 10 in the Team Title will be forced to qualify in on speed. Qualifying will resume as normally with all cars taking to the track, however, the slowest drivers of the non-locked in team cars will be the ones going home.

In the event of a rain out for a race weekend in qualifying... Team's will line up together in order of where they run in the Team Championship. (Ex. 1st Martin Motorsports (#6, #99, #11 and #15 lining up 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) 2nd Mace Enterprises (#48, #25, #24 and #5 lining up 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th) 3rd Turner Performance (#19 and #10 lining up 9th and 10th) 4th Allen Family Racing Team (#44, #45 and #43 lining up in 11th, 12th and 13th)


This one is relatively simple in regards to how this year the series has implemented qualifying rounds to determine the grid. Top 24 advance to Round 2 with Top 12 advancing to Round 3... This will change in 2019.

The series will take the Top 20 in Round 1 Qualifying and advance them to Round 2. To advance to Round 3 Qualifying you will need to be in the Top 10 to advance to Q3. Round 3 of Qualifying will consist of a 10 car fight for the Pole.


This one has been rumored to be happening for quite some time now but it is finally official. No longer can a driver consistently run in one certian position on track and feel safe. The Sony Cup Series Officials have decided to reward more points for drivers who score Top 10 finishes and even MORE points to those who finish in the Top 5 and MORE points for the winner of the race weekend. The extra points given to Top 10 finishers makes it where if you win a race weekend you can rebound and make up enough points.

Winning should be the top priority and it has been given such a prestigious amount of points in regards to those who do win for the championship. Drivers who finish in the Top 5 and Top 10 are rewarded extra points for finishing in the series top slots.

In the past, one position means -- one point. Finishing one spot greater means you score 1 point more than you would have. For Top 10 finishers (6th-10th) the difference in positions means 2 points for 2019. Moving up from 8th to 7th in the order means you gain 2 points. For Top 5 finishers (1st-5th) the difference in positions means 3 points for 2019. Gaining one spot in the Top 5 no longer means just 1 extra point... That's an extra 3 points toward you efforts in the championship and more reward to finish in the Top 5.

Leading the most laps during an event will now reward 2 points for a race weekend and leading a lap will reward 1 point.

Here is what the new points system will be for the 2019 Season.

1. 52
2. 49
3. 46
4. 43
5. 40
6. 38
7. 36
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30
11. 29
12. 28
13. 27
14. 26
15. 25
16. 24
17. 23
18. 22
19. 21
20. 20
21. 19
22. 18
23. 17
24. 16
25. 15
26. 14
27. 13
28. 12
29. 11
30. 10
31. 9
32. 8
33. 7
34. 6
35. 5
36. 4
37. 3
38. 2
39. 1
40. 1
41. 1
42. 1

Lap Led: 1 point
Most Laps Led: 2 points

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