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Hardee's National Series announces new qualifying system for 2019

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Hardee's National Series announces new qualifying system for 2019 Empty Hardee's National Series announces new qualifying system for 2019

Post by DKurtis on August 30th 2018, 6:48 pm

It was already revealed to certain individuals many weeks ago, but recently, the Hardee's National Series has been getting a ton of new entries and foreign teams that will be entering in the 2019 season in hopes of making races. For a majority of the start up teams, it will be very difficult to get into the races, with a multitude of drivers that will have to end up missing the show as a result. However, there has been a new rule that will be implemented into the 2019 season.

At the conclusion of the 2018 season, the owners points will be calculated. The top 30 in points at the end of 2018 will be automatically locked into the first 5 races of the 2019 season on points. However, if there are teams or cars that are shut down that are within the top 30 in points, the new teams or those underneath the top 30 in points could take it as an opportunity in obtaining those owners points, which will clinch them a spot (or spots varying on the cars in the team) for those 5 races. It is basically immunity that prevents them from missing races. However, after those 5 races, the current top 30 points at the conclusion of race 5 will determine those locked in or those going into the "Go or Go Home" session.

For those underneath the top 30 in owner's points, there will be a "Go or Go Home" session, in which the top 12 will have to run their way in through speed. Part time cars are also placed in this category as well, and it is not allowed for them to obtain owner's points for a car within the top 30. If it's a car that is often driver swapped but runs full time, it is allowed they can have owner's points if in the top 30 (Example: Fearsport's #07 car), it is also known as an "owner's points car".

Ash Kurtis, the current CEO of the series, states that: "We are aware of the situation with so many entries entering the picture, and that itself is a good sign. However, we do want to avoid some situations where a mid team car, for example, has bad luck and ends up missing the race. We are giving them that 5 race immunity so they can basically have a jump start and get themselves secured, as well as not worry about missing races. From there on, it'll be a battle for the top 30 for those on down, and it'll kickstart some motivation for a lot of the startup teams to prove their worth and showcase their abilities as drivers and as crewmen and women."

It will be a scramble in terms of obtaining them, but many will see this as an opportunity in getting their team in a good start. It is also unknown in how many cars and their owner's points will be sold, but expect some news later on in the year. Ash Kurtis recommends that the owners looking may have to wait until the conclusion of the 2018 season, so that leaves plenty of time when the actual owner's points are calculated.

In terms of the actual Q format, once those 42 cars are confirmed, the real qualifying session is in play. Unlike the SCS, it is only one qualifying session that determines the field for the race. For the "Go or Go Home" format, it will be a group session, with superspeedways being the only exception, as that itself will be based on individual car runs.

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