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Wong and Smith penalized after Mexico City incidents

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Wong and Smith penalized after Mexico City incidents Empty Wong and Smith penalized after Mexico City incidents

Post by DKurtis on September 15th 2018, 4:26 pm

Mexico City for many people proved to be a race many want to forget and move on. With McKinney and Williams primarily dominating, a lot of drivers behind them battled upon themselves for position, and with fuel being a factor, it played a role in the results for many. However, there were penalties that were just recently issued from the Hardee's National Series officials.

Jonathan Wong will be penalized with 30 driver and owners points for unsafe merging as well as ignoring blue flags, and Patrick Smith will also be penalized with 25 driver's and owner's points for unsafe merging. Wong had gotten in an incident much earlier in the race, and when reentering the track, the #82 spun off again after carrying too much speed, almost getting run into by multiple cars that were side by side. Later on in the race, Wong was getting passed by Will Lewis and after he let him go, he swerved into Alex Benyacko's lane, causing several lead lap cars to wreck right behind the #82. For Patrick Smith's case, he got turned by Hannah Allen, and when merging back onto the track, he also carried too much speed and almost clipped the race leader of Cory Williams, and almost got ran into by Blaze McKinney, which as a result caused the #12 to check up, causing him to lose a ton of ground to the #14. Hardee's officials didn't take those actions lightly and were quickly on the case.

"We do like to be laid back with our rules in the series, but when drivers are not having the common sense to merge back onto the track in a safe manner is one of the many reasons it crosses the line. We give harsh penalties as a reminder to avoid making those silly mistakes again. We understand the case that lapped cars have every right to fight the lead lap cars, but when it causes incidents we also have to put our foot in, because it is ludicrous to see avoidable accidents, especially the ones we had to investigate today. For Wong we noted that he had hindered a lot of lead lap cars, and it was identical to the Harrison incident, so that's why we gave him a bigger penalty than Smith. Smith had interfered with the progress of McKinney, but it didn't fully ruin the day and lead to more wrecked cars. It is slightly smaller, but still a severe penalty."

There have been no other penalties issued after the announcement.

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Wong and Smith penalized after Mexico City incidents Tumblr_inline_o45y9k9z151rd51ix_250
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