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Penalties issued at Pike's Peak

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Penalties issued at Pike's Peak Empty Penalties issued at Pike's Peak

Post by DKurtis on November 3rd 2018, 3:52 pm

After a plethora of twists and turns, we ended up with a different winner in the series. However, lapped cars were proving to be an issue for many drivers fighting on the lead lap, as they were held up throughout a good amount of the race. Jake West was swept up in a multi car crash when Jake Rogers and Jack Hallec collided, also taking out drivers such as Eric Demax and Will Lewis, who were trying to have stellar days. However, controversy struck under the cooldown lap.

Eric Monaco had suffered damage in an earlier incident, and was constantly having issues with his #96 Spectrum Ford Mustang. He went down pitlane to try and remedy the issues. However, there was some conflict between him and Chris Louviere. Louviere and Monaco had rubbed fenders earlier in the race, causing Monaco to receive damage. Monaco was struck with some pit lane penalties, causing him to go multiple laps down. Louviere would finish 27th, while Monaco would finish 36th. As the cars slowed down after Rowe received the checkered flag, Monaco went out of pit lane and turned right into Chris Louviere, giving the #9 a lot of damage. Louviere immediately brought the car down pit lane, and quietly got out of his car and went to the team's hauler.

Hardee's officials have looked over the incident, and have given Eric Monaco a 35 point penalty in both the driver's and owner's championship. They deemed that the action committed by Monaco was "reckless" as the drivers were simply slowing down to get onto pit lane and prep up for the next races coming up.

As for the Demax and Shelly conflict, both have been given probations for the rest of the season, and similar to the Shepherd and Juckem incident, if they end up get too rough or collide again on the track with intent, it could lead to potential suspensions to the one that initiates the next incident.

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Penalties issued at Pike's Peak Tumblr_inline_o45y9k9z151rd51ix_250
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