YAMP Motorsports eyeing the championship for 2019

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YAMP Motorsports eyeing the championship for 2019 Empty YAMP Motorsports eyeing the championship for 2019

Post by FUEL on November 7th 2018, 4:33 pm

Looking in the most recent years there may be a good reason for you to assume that YAMP Motorsports is a race winning team but not the championship caliber team to rise above the rest. However, YAMP Motorsports is hopeful that the team are making the necessary strides to gun for a championship in 2019. In the past, every year it seems like YAMP Motorsports has it's "Number 1 Driver" that tends to rise above the rest and over the course of the past few years, James Silverfox seemed like the driver that could always deliver for the team but with Silverfox on his way out the door the young hot shoe driver of Dajon Weeks came onto the scene for 2017 and has delivered.

Dajon Weeks won the Rookie Of The Year Award in 2017 with a Top 10 finish in the points and has backed it up with 3 career wins in 2018 and currently sits in the Top 5 in points. YAMP Motorsports has worked hard on the new race car for 2019 in preparation for the new generation that they believe their young driver is the next big thing and thinks a championship is very much possible with Weeks. The team's newest driver to the team of Jordan Davis also has plans of a championship in 2019 and YAMP Motorsports has stated they are ready for a championship run with all of it's drivers and believe the 2-Time Champ and The Youngster will deliver with Young bringing in a better year for the team and win some races.

Bryce Ballard: "2015 was a really strong year and we set the bar really high for 2016 because of it but we fell short of our goals and had to go through a rebuilding phase in 2017. I wasn't expecting 2018 to be much better but it turns out we've hit on something. It gives us hope that the changes we're making will allow us to fight in 2019 for the championship. While, we favored Jenkins a lot at our team and believe he has the talent to fight for a driver's title we are pleased to have Jordan Davis who is a proven 2-Time Champion. Weeks has had a brilliant season and Young looking to end having a solid season. We're not going to be aligned with anyone and only focusing on ourselves so I believe we have a real good chance and think we could be involved in making history by bringing Davis his 3rd championship. I think Weeks and Davis have a real good chance to win the title while Young I believe will be a Top 10 threat in the standings and maybe a title as well but I am confident we have some of the best drivers on the grid in our cars and now it's all on us to deliver with fast cars for them to go win races in."

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