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Eric Demax apologizes for Pikes Peak incident.

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Eric Demax apologizes for Pikes Peak incident. Empty Eric Demax apologizes for Pikes Peak incident.

Post by EugeneDemax24 on November 8th 2018, 4:00 pm

During a press conference at Dover earlier today, Eric Demax wanted to make a formal apology to everyone that was involved in the post-race fight at Pikes Peak last weekend. Here is what Eric had to say during the press conference.

"I will admit, what I have done off the track last week was unacceptable and whatever happened, I will take full responsibility for it. You know... from how 2018 has gone for me, week in and week out, I've always had to hold back on my emotions and can't let all my anger out in the world and start a ruckus. I basically had to hold it in all season long on very thin rope and a year-long, worn out piece of tape and on that week, it finally... snapped.
At first I just wanted to talk to Shelly about what happened but once those emotions snapped, basically all hell broke loose and I basically lost all self-control at that point. I know that whatever I've done was unnecessary and I just want to say that I am extremely sorry for what happened.
Now, as things stand at the moment, I have sent formal apology letters to Shelly, and the rest of the Fearsport group. I honestly don't know if they'll accept it but to be honest, that's their decision and whatever decision they make, I'll respect it 100%. I just hope that we can all move on from this situation and hope that it won't happen again."
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