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(SES Universe) Japan Tourist Trophy Results from

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(SES Universe) Japan Tourist Trophy Results from Empty (SES Universe) Japan Tourist Trophy Results from

Post by BugattiNightRide on November 17th 2018, 11:27 am

Japan TT Results

This year's Japan Tourist Trophy was a marvelous event! A total of all of the classes made up 122 rider entries and 40 team entries, a record high on both ends! Not only that, records were broken in the event! But first, we must analyze the top results to see our breakout riders.

Joy's Sushi Superbike TT (46 Entries):
1. Riku Fujimoto [Japan]
2. Nelson Bagwell [England]
3. Valencia Smith [USA]
4. Nicolas Lothaire-Irvine [France]
5. Natoru Kobayashi [Japan]
6. Juan Fabio [Mexico]
7. Friedrich Kasimir [Germany]
8. Logan Lennox [Scotland]
9. Sakiko Yamada [Japan]
10. Chang Zhu [China]

ICOM Sidecar TT (27 entries):
1. Marinos Andreas [Greece]/Lefteris Stavros [Greece]
2. Faas Akkerman [Netherlands]/Herbert Aaltink [Netherlands]
3. Hachirou Hashimoto [Japan]/Yoshiko Saitou [Japan]
4. Saburou Kawaguchi [Japan]/Rio Kato [Japan]
5. Polissena Giordano [Italy]/Santino Riva [Italy]

Aicorp Supersport TT (56 Entries):
1. Riku Fujimoto [Japan]
2. Valencia Smith [USA]
3. Nicolas Lothaire-Irvine [France]
4. Ottone Alfero [Italy]
5. Eveliina Ranta [Finland]
6. Chang Zhu [China]
7. Natoru Kobayashi [Japan]
8. Évrard Rayne [France]
9. Denis Markov [Russia]
10. Friedrich Kasimir [Germany]

ZERO TT (5 Entries):
1. Foma Andreev [Russia]
2. Sherry Burns [England]
3. Mona Hughes [Ireland]
4. Brendan Dickson [USA]
5. Ansgar Ruud [Norway]

Jap Energy Drink Senior TT (40 Entries)
1. Valencia Smith [USA]
2. Nicolas Lothaire-Irvine [France]
3. Riku Fujimoto [Japan]
4. Nelson Bagwell [England]
5. Rômulo Ferreira [Portugal]
6. Paulien Van Apeldoorn [Netherlands]
7. Juan Fabio [Mexico]
8. Logan Lennox [Scotland]
9. Cory Foster [USA]
10. Nelson Fogville [Canada]


Riku Fujimoto scores to 15 career Japan TT wins!

Riku Fujimoto, the legendary tourist trophy driver has broken the record of Japan TT wins altogether! What makes this even more exciting is that he has shown no signs of retirement, which is incredible considering the amount he has done on a motorcycle.

Rookie Frenchman breaks the speed record at the Japan TT!

Nicolas Lothaire-Irvine, the twenty-four year old rider who is related to the infamous Lothaire-Irvine family,
has broken the top speed record with a BREAKNECK speed of 222MPH in the Senior TT in his Trailblazer Kawasaki Ninja H2R! Unfortunately for him, he would come up just short to veteran rider Valencia Smith in the race. Marvelous job for a rookie rider like him to even come close to the 8-time Japan TT victor.

Three Fatalities Mark the Field

Unfortunately, three drivers passed away this year in the Japan TT.

-Friedrich Kasimir would be coming off the massive back-straightaway of the Senior TT on the first lap when one of his tires would blow, which would send him careening into a tree at 192MPH.

-Marshall Vernier would strike into one of the protected lamp poles in the Supersport TT.

-Lofiette Asmolov would lose control heading into the Downward Slope and would crash into one of the hills alongside the racing circuit.

May our prayers be with these young and talented riders.
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