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Sunoco Elite Series Regulation Change Proposal. [VOTING OPEN]

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Sunoco Elite Series Regulation Change Proposal. [VOTING OPEN] Empty Sunoco Elite Series Regulation Change Proposal. [VOTING OPEN]

Post by KleverProductions on December 1st 2018, 6:22 pm

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST, I want you guys to understand my thoughts and reasoning behind this change, it'll be a long page, so just please stick with me.

So we may be about to undergo a change that could potentially be the biggest change in SES history, but may be beneficial.
We will be putting a possible charter system up for vote, what this means is that instead of teams being stuck with the static 3-car teams, Team owners will be allowed to have more or less drivers depending on their preference.

Now how would this benefit SES?
Well with our old 3-car system, it makes it incredibly difficult for teams from PLS to get an Elites car, which means it could take anywhere from 3-5 seasons to get a Rank D ride, then its just uphill from there, with a charter system, it not only allows new teams to enter with a smaller team, but with charters, we will be able to break the 36 full-time car limit without having to put big names in danger, since the bigger names will be in chartered cars, guaranteeing them a spot in every race.

Now you may be saying, "What's the benefit of running a 1-3 car team?" Well constructors would run off AVERAGE points, meaning running more cars gives you a bigger chance of having one driver who doesn't perform, which will drag the entire team down, while on the other hand, smaller teams have a less chance of getting an underperforming driver, but the effects will be larger on them. Another downside to running 4-car teams is due to the massive amount of funding needed to run them, 4-car teams WILL NOT be allowed to run part-time or one-offs during seasons, as a 5-car team would cost too much for them to run.

Here's how charters would work:
Teams will receive charters at the start of Season 6 depending on where they finished in the points. (Maybe top 30?) These charters mean the driver in said car CANNOT fail to qualify in a race. Keep in mind a team can have some cars chartered and some cars uncharted. The uncharted cars and part-time cars will go into a qualifying race to decide the rest of the grid, at the end of the season, charters will be re-handed out, and we will continue as normal.

This system is not set in stone, feel free to make suggestions to adjust this system, but I think this system will make it a lot easier for teams and drivers to climb from PLS to SES.

Other possible rule additions:
~Permitting 1-car teams to run 2 part-time cars.
~Limiting lower ranks to less cars due to funding.

Here is the strawpoll to the vote, please vote if you read all this, this could change SES forever, and imo in a good way. (STRAWPOLL WILL ALSO BE IN DISCORD)

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