10 Moments That Defined Nick Mace's 2018 Title

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2018 - 10 Moments That Defined Nick Mace's 2018 Title Empty 10 Moments That Defined Nick Mace's 2018 Title

Post by FUEL on December 8th 2018, 2:39 am

1. ROCKINGHAM: Round 2

Round 2 of the season wasn't highly looked upon as a race very critical in the championship but without the performance we seen from Mace, the title would've gone to Turner. Nick Mace started 40th and had to make a charge up the order. Rockingham being notorious with difficult to pass on but Mace charged from dead last to finish 8th! In a race that on an ordinary day would've seen Mace finish in the Top 20, Mace climbed into the Top 10 and Turner threw away a race win that he should've won but fell to 5th.

2. ROAD ATLANTA: Round 13

This race was huge in the championship because it was Turner who lost costly points. Turner was quick all weekend and on Lap 1 was looking for a way to pass race leader, Matthew Rodriguez, to try and take his first win of the season but was clobbered by Zaedin Davidson in the chicane which caused loads of front end damage which led to the team needing to make repairs during pitstops. The extra time on pit road cost Turner the race lead and dropped him from 1st to 4th. He handed the lead over to Nick Mace... giving Mace his first win of the season and first win in 35 races up to that point. Had Turner took the win we'd of seen a different champion.


A race where Jesse Turner qualified Top 5 and Nick Mace qualified outside Top 20... This looked to be a race where Nick Mace was going to start falling out of contention of the champion as he was already hovering around 100 points behind and didn't looked poised to take away points... That was until Jesse Turner crashed with Cody Llamas on Lap 1 going for the lead! Dropping him outside the Top 30 and was unable to get any higher than 32nd. Nick Mace climbed from the midfield all the way into a solid Top 10 finish! A crucial moment for Mace to stay in the hunt.

4. CHICAGO: Round 19

At this point in the season, all eyes were on Jesse Turner and Dom Caps as both the drivers were going head to head in the championship with both of them coming to blows in the race crashing each other out of contention! This allowed a struggling Nick Mace running outside the Top 10 all race to crawl his way into a Top 5 running position late in the race. Mace closed the gap to within 100 points this race.

5. IOWA: Round 21

Nick Mace was just starting to become relevant in the championship fight as Dom Caps was on the down fall while Mace and Baskinger were on the up-swing. A late race restart seen Turner leading over Mace. Turner looked on pace to drive away and win his 2nd race of the year but a mechanical failure on the car with 40 to go seen Turner drop from 1st to 25th... Who took the win due to Turner's mishaps? Nick Mace did!


Nick Mace told the media weeks in advance of this race that he WILL make a come back against Turner and this race was a big moment for him. Leading all but 1 lap due to pit stops but it didn't come without some adversity near the end. Nick Mace had burnt his tires off near the end and Jake Baskinger was making a late race charge and was obviously faster. Jesse Turner was struggling all race and seen Mace taking a huge bite out of the title lead but it was Turner's teammate that could've played spoiler. If Nick Mace hadn't of won that race... we may be talking about a different 2-Time Champion!

7. SOUTH BOSTON: Round 29

A winning streak kept Nick Mace alive as he was showing the fire to win late in the season. Nick Mace came from a lap down in a race filled with all kinds of action to take the win! A race that seen Turner run Top 5 all night but get passed by Nick Mace late in the race. Nick Mace made a lot of waves in his never give up attitude from being in wrecks all night and coming from a lap down to win. Turner who looked like in the best position to stretch his point lead actually lost 10 points that evening to Mace... which we all know now that 9 points was the difference.

8. ATLANTA: Round 34

Jesse Turner started out back while Nick Mace started up front. Mace led a lap and battle for the lead at the start but it was Turner who slowly made his way up the order and into the Top 10. A caution halfway would bunch the field up allowing Turner on the heels of Mace and Turner blasted past as he headed to the front and Mace was falling backwards. Jesse Turner looked on pace to take the lead and the win as he was running down Matthew Rodriguez until his engine blew as he was going for the lead. Turner blew the motor and fell to finish 40th... Nick Mace got on the wheel after Turner fell out of the race. Mace climbed from outside the Top 10 on the restart to finish 4th!

9. ROCKINGHAM: Round 35

A race that had all of us on the edge of our seat in suspense of which way the title would go with the championship down to only a handful of points with 2 races left. Nick Mace immediately went into the Top 3 while Turner fell out of the Top 10 early. A handful for Turner dropped him far down the order as his team noticeably missed the setup on the car for the weekend. Mace capitalized like he had many times against Turner all year and went on to tie Eugene Demax's win record for his 6th win of the season and take the points lead with 1 race remaining!

10. HOMESTEAD: Round 36

A winner's take all finale was all but promised. 2 of the best drivers on the grid with a championship on the line. The only drivers to lead laps at Homestead were Mace and Turner leaving it up to a huge battle of who would lead the most laps... if Turner could lead the most laps and win, he would win the title but if Mace could lead the most laps and finish 2nd, it would still be good enough for Mace! It was a thriller all day but Nick Mace looked to have the edge over Turner all race with Mace leading the most laps by only a couple of laps and winning the race! The race was Mace's 7th win of the year and breaking the win record in one single season! The win marked Mace as a 2-Time Champion in the Sony Cup Series.

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