Slim Jim Series Season 5 Power Rankings (Tabasco Weekend)

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Slim Jim Series Season 5 Power Rankings (Tabasco Weekend) Empty Slim Jim Series Season 5 Power Rankings (Tabasco Weekend)

Post by ChrisLouviere on February 7th 2019, 10:32 am

Slim Jim Series Power Rankings -- Tabasco Weekend

1. DJ Kurtis (#26 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 1 - DJ Kurtis has a very strong start but made a mistake when he wrecked off of Turn 4. He has shown his dominance in the Shootout. I am worried about his luck though. Despite the accident, he is still one of the favorites to win the championship.

2. Sean Angel (#20 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 2 - Sean Angel makes a strong case for his title defense. No matter where he starts, Angel always a way to get to the lead. His blip was choking up in the first restart from lead to outside the 10 top. Like dude, you should not be behind Marco Rossi!

3. Will Lewis (#99 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 7 - Well, Will Lewis is a major threat and a one of the favorites to win Las Vegas opener. He has won Las Vegas again for the third time in five seasons. Sadly, it is not an official win since it is not a points-playing race. But could this be the year that he finally wins the championship?

4. Alan Cavagnaro (#18 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 3 - Well, that was a dud for Cavy. He started in 20th, but finished in 10th. He was even battling against Alex Percle. Dude, what are you doing?! Thank God, it is not an official race. Otherwise, let the memes occur.

5. Nick Pericles (#84 - Red Bull Racing) Last ranking: 4 - Very quiet Shootout for Pericles. Pericles got the spotlight in the worst way possible: getting wrecked and last place. Oof! So I am guessing Fitzwater is 1-0 against Pericles? Nah, not really. Red Bull Racing got destroyed in the Shootout weekend, but Pericles is probably saving his speed for the actual season.

6. Cyrus LaTerza (#17 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 5 - LaTerza got a strong start in the Shootout, then proceeds to be dead because of Kurtis, his teammate, mades a mistake and causes an accident. Nothing against Kurtis, but I is like Maverick GP tripping themselves when LaTerza has good momentum.

7. Jill Richards (#88 - S3 Motorsports) Last ranking: 6 - Jesus Christ, S3! You cannot build a good car for your best driver! I defending Jill Richards...for once!? God, a lot has changed in one year. I feel S3 is going to be inconsistent on what cars they are going to bring. That is going to determine how Richards perform.

8. Ryder Smith (#12 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 10 - Well, Ryder Smith looks good in the Shootout and led a good bit. He would have won if it wasn't those dang Maverick boys. Like Will Lewis, Ryder Smith is one of the favorites to win the opener. Las Vegas is his strongest track, by the way. Let us look in his three Las Vegas races including at IES: three podiums including two wins (both at IES). Yeah, he is going to win.

9. Jeffery Finguy (#2 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 9 - Like Pericles, very quiet Shootout. Finguy is probably saving his speed until the opener. Besides, Finguy got podium at Vegas, so he is a one of the favorites to win the opener.

10. Christopher Bryant (#15 - RJ Manson Racing) Last ranking: 13 - Bryant is very difficult to rank after the Shootout. It was between him, Matt Duncan, and Nasu Tsunemochi. I have to put Braynt, a rookie, in the top 10. Very bold statemnet, but he is the class of the field. Christopher Bryant also a win in Las Vegas two seasons and a strong top 10 last season in Junior. I know he did not win the open, but he could get a top 10 in his debut. The momentum is very strong.

11. Matt Duncan (#16 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 11 - Matt Duncan is very strong in the Open, but Bryant outshrines him. Also, Binky did a welcome back spin. So, she is happy to see him (OwO intensifies). Still, Matt is waiting for the short tracks so he could be the only splt-car driver in the top 10 power rankings.

12. Dillon Young (#5 - S3 Motorsports) Last ranking: 9 - Dillon, you got one job: miss the wreck! The first wreck that he was involved was due to luck. The second just plow for the memes. can't the championship like that. This could be a down season for Young.

13. Nasu Tsunemochi (#87 - Okumura Motors) Last ranking: 12 - Tsunemochi was phenomenal in the Shootout. Went from dead last (out of 24) to the top 10 before halfway is great achievement. Sadly, it is ruined by the Shelly accident. Tsunemochi tends to be a below average starter, but his raw pace makes up for it. Despite the drop in the power rankings, I suspect him to be a under-the-radar candidate for championship.

14. Raphael Vonlanthen (#3 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 17 - He won the Tabasco Open despite the challenges. Vonlanthen almost won the Shootout too. He does not have the pace like his teammates, but the Swiss is going to have a good season no matter what.

15. Kyle Collins (#11 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 15 - It is sad that Collins did not make the Shootout like Angel and Cavagnaro. However, he races like his IES form from last year. I expect Collins to fight for the title, but what would Angel and Cavagnaro do?

16. Greg Marshall (#28 - Boost Autosports) Last ranking: 14 - Ouch, not only you got a bad day, but Marshall got beaten by Sakurba in the same car. It is not the ending of the world, but there are other chances to come back big. Michigan is coming after Las Vegas opener so Marshall is looking improve last year's top 10 performance into a top 5 or a win.

17. Shane Carter (#10 - Dodge Motorsports) Last ranking: 18 - Shane Carter has to continue to split the 10 car with Marco Rossi. He and Rossi were working together to get up the field. Then Rossi ditched him which is a bit dank but whatever lol. Shane Carter has great teamwork chemistry with the Dodge program. I don't want Carter's great performances to be overshadowed by the Marco Rossi's lack of performance.

18. Cale Burndfart Jr. (#38 - Boost Autosports) Last ranking: NR - Well, this boi is here. We were not kidding around about this guy being a title threat. Knowing Burndfart, he is going to shoot himself in the foot due to his inconsistency. If he wins, this season is going to get sexy.

19. Henry Williams (#1 - RJ Manson Racing) Last ranking: NR - Henry Williams got the pole and lead the most laps in the Tabasco Open. He was battling the likes of Collins, Burndfart, and Vonlanthen for about ten-plus laps. Honestly, great showing...until the final restart. Dude, you choke from 2nd with three to go and went down to 5th when the race went back to green. Williams got back to 4th, beating Christopher Bryant after starting in 18th. I think Henry Williams is going to have a good season, but he cannot crack under pressure like that.

20. James Shelly (#66 - Nexxus Motorsports) Last ranking: 16 - Shelly had a tire problem entering then gets destroyed by the field. Well, the "Blame Shelly" is going to intensify. However, I have major concern about his luck and consistency especially the former. He had a underwhelming year last season. I feel it is going to haunt him again.

Dropped out: Jake Baskinger (Last ranking: 19), Chris Louviere (Last ranking: 20)
Honorable Mentions: Foxy Duncan, Chris Louviere, Chris Dodd, Jason Percle, Alex Constantine
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