Season 5 Slim Jim Series Power Rankings (Round 1: Las Vegas)

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Season 5 Slim Jim Series Power Rankings (Round 1: Las Vegas) Empty Season 5 Slim Jim Series Power Rankings (Round 1: Las Vegas)

Post by ChrisLouviere on February 18th 2019, 1:11 pm

Be sure to watch the Las Vegas to catch up. This is a spoilers warning!!!

1. DJ Kurtis (#26 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 1 - Started off the season very rough. Kurtis was not in a rhythm. Maybe the wreck he caused in the Shootout had something to do with it. Once Kurtis felt comfortable, he went from outside the top 20 to 5th in the final 33 laps. Impressive showing by Kurtis as championship contenders never give up.

2. Nick Pericles (#84 - Red Bull Racing) Last ranking: 5 - Pericles also had a similar start to DJ Kurtis. He was off his game then proceed to fight for a top 5--against Kurtis funny enough. Red Bull Racing had a rough weekend to be fair. Pericles shows us that he can come back to anything.

3. Cyrus LaTerza (#17 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 6 - The only thing that kept LaTerza from winning was the constant shuffling. Once the field is settled down with the tire wear, LaTerza does not have the time to catch up. Overall, this is a good performance. LaTerza is looking forward to get some points on some speedways like Michigan and Darlington.

4. Sean Angel (#20 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 2 - I honestly thought Angel had a shot for a top 10. Instead, he struggled mightly throughout the race. He savaged a top 20 (finished 20th) but was behind Alex Percle (!!!). If Angel finishes behind Alex Percle, something is definitely wrong. Angel and his team have been through worse so I expect this team to come back.

5. Will Lewis (#99 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 3 - Ouchie momma, that was rough. Lewis had a horrible qualifying effort, but he showed that Lewis was the best driver and had the best car to win Las Vegas. Instead, Baskinger destroyed both him and Marco Rossi. Will Lewis got Decatur coming up so he can make up some ground.

6. Jeffery Finguy (#2 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 9 - Yep as expected. Finguy saved up his speed for the opener. He even held the lead for a good bit. Although, the Ryder Smith gearbox may made him anxious. It did not phased him, and he finished in the top 10. Finguy needs the road courses, but there are not much in the first twelve races (Decatur, Utah and Mill Valley).

7. Cale Burndfart Jr. (#38 - Boost Autosports) Last ranking: 18 - Ummmm...well, panic mode, beautiful people. Burndfart jumped over half of the drivers in one race. No one has ever expected this. No one! Is this it? Are we going to have a major championship upset? Burndfart is the fastest driver in the field. Period.

8. Matt Duncan (#16 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: 11 - Matt Duncan have the best day of his career! Doing nothing! Yeah! What a man! #MyChampion2019! Yeah I don't know what to put him so here. Foxy put Matt in a good position to extend the split car championship which is looking like it is going to be slaughter. So Matt Duncan is looking very powerful right now.

9. Alan Cavagnaro (#18 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 4 - Very disappointing really. Kyle Collins was getting more air time than Alan Cavagnaro. Cavagnaro was battling for a top 20 position. That does not satisfy Hamilton's standards. New York City is hosting a short track at the Maxwell Center so maybe Cavagnaro can regain his confidence.

10. Greg Marshall (#28 - Boost Autosports) Last ranking: 16 - What a dominating race by Greg Marshall. Started in 28th and became a threat for the win. Then he choked the win away. Jesus Christ... Well Marshall is seriously a contender right off the gate. I knew Marshall is going to be good full-time. My God, Marshall could be a Maverick GP driver soon. Also, the Boost-Maverick alliance has six drivers in the top 10 for the power rankings. So, yeah. That is very dope.

11. Jill Richards (#88 - S3 Motorsports) Last ranking: 7 - Richards should have gotten a better result than that. Her teammate, Jake Baskinger, caused a wreck, and Richards had nowhere to go. Excluding Maverick GP, S3 Motorsports is shooting themselves in the foot a lot. I just don't know how Richards is going to handle S3's laughable tactics. I know Richards outside the top 10 is harsh, but momtemum is very high on Matt Duncan and Greg Marshall.

12. Dillon Young (#5 - S3 Motorsports) Last ranking: 12 - Ehhh...I feel Dillon Young could have done better especially when he had a top 5 run. He was too focused on battling his teammate while Boost Autosports got away for the lead. Then he and Jake Baskinger are shoving each other to the wall. Like S3, what are you doing to your drivers?

13. Raphael Vonlanthen (#3 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 14 - Vonlanthen was flirting with the top 10 or even top 5 positions. Vonlanthen had a good points debut for Porsche. Maybe not a top 10, but he has potential. His weakness is poor track position. Starting 22nd was not too bad, but the shuffling was ruthless and unforgiving. Vonlanthen needs to get better with his qualifying because New York City and Decatur are coming up.

14. Christopher Bryant (#15 - RJ Manson Racing) Last ranking: 10 - I have never seen a debut of a former champion like that. All of it was not his fault. Bryant got involved not once, twice but three times in a span of ten laps. Somehow, despite the circumstances, he finished the race. I know it was 35th being two laps down. Bryant is not a quitter so I give him some respect.

15. Ryder Smith (#12 - Porsche Developments) Last ranking: 8 - So it looks like Porsche and Ryder Smith did not agree with some things. Ryder Smith has lost a gearbox in the 6th lap of the race. This was the worst result Ryder Smith ever finished--last place. That really hurts too. Maybe last season's meltdown is coming back to haunt him.

16. Kyle Collins (#11 - Hamilton Autosports) Last ranking: 15 - Kyle Collins was the highest Hamilton car in 11th. Collins is very potent this year and could be a serious contender. To be honest, Kyle Collins is a better championship contender than Alan Cavagnaro. I feel Kyle Collins is going to be more clutch than Cavagnaro.

17. James Shelly (#66 - Nexxus Motorsports) Last ranking: 20 - Shelly with a horrid qualifying and first half of the race. But, he did not push the car as aggressively as the rest of the field. He was able to gain over thirty spots in their pit spot. Shelly got a top 10 in that race in the end. It is strong performance, but qualifying remains a huge factor.

18. Nasu Tsunemochi (#87 - Okumura Motors) Last ranking: 13 - Sour day for Tsunemochi. He started so well, then Tsunemochi fell like a rock. He was almost behind Princess Percle at one point. I am aware he can do better than that. Some circumstances have hindered the Japanese.

19. Foxy Duncan (#16 - Maverick GP) Last ranking: NR - Well, this boi is here. He got the pole and lead a lap. Foxy Duncan is looking very fast this season. Foxy finished as the best Maverick driver...AGAIN! The one season that he is splitting the car, he is exceeding expectations. Oh okay sure.

20. Chris Dodd (#32 - Pontiac Motorsports) Last ranking: NR - This final spot is between Dodd and Baskinger, and I have decided to go with the former. While Baskinger had a strong performance, he was extremely aggressive to his teammate and the field (which casued a wreck that has his...teammate). If he did not do that, Baskinger (and Young) could have fight for the win against Boost. Chris Dodd, coming off from an unlucky rookie season, had an impressive performance. Sure, Dodd's qualifying is meh, but his pace said otherwise. Plus, his team's strategy put him in a good position. And Dodd was battling the likes of Kurtis, Pericles, and Shelly and finished 9th. Honestly, that is a win for Dodd.

Dropped out: Shane Carter (Last ranking: 17), Henry Williams (Last ranking: 19)
Honorable Mentions: Chris Louviere, Jason Percle, Shane Carter, Jake Baskinger, Tommy Turbo
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