CTRS Round 4 of Antevia Kingrey Motorsports Park- #HopeParsonsIsGood 400

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CTRS Round 4 of Antevia Kingrey Motorsports Park- #HopeParsonsIsGood 400 Empty CTRS Round 4 of Antevia Kingrey Motorsports Park- #HopeParsonsIsGood 400

Post by nhood53 on March 7th 2019, 10:46 pm

To lead the field to the green is upset polesitter Eliza in the 81. She gets a decent start and the green is out at AKMP!
Lap 1: Eliza's poor jump has led to a great side by side fight for the lead between her and Anderson. She did barely not lead the first lap but she will lead lap 2 to get the elusive bonus points. Her daughter Lillian (Lily) is in second.
Lap 3: Eliza has pulled away from the pack led by Carl Dawson.
Lap 6: Caution is out. Charlie Jackson got pinched into Merrick by McFarland, same thing happened to Henrietta Fitzwater the next row back with Kendall and Lukewalker.
Lap 11: McDonald takes a huge lead on the restart, Eliza trying to run him down from second.
Lap 24: Eliza back out front as a 4 car pack has formed with her, Millers, McDonald, and Sheppard, make that more as here comes the 53, Rehall, and Stucole.
Lao 25: Millers to the front, Eliza couldn't stay out there for long.
Lap 33: Sheppard to the lead, Rehall up in the fight in third behind Millers, he won't stay there for long as he pulls out for second.
Lap 40: Carmichael up to second, but I have not seen anything out of her championship rival Vince Freeze yet.
Lap 46: Carmichael up to the lead.
Lap 47: Sheppard crosses her over and retakes the top spot.
Lap 48: Sally Hunter takes over the top spot, and this time she is able to clear with the assistance of Aidan Shepherd, Roman Rehall, and Tommy Roberts.
Lap 55: Caution is out as Monaco and Garrison go up into the wall in Turn 3 during pit stops. Leader is Carl Dawson.
Lap 60: Vince Freeze gets the lead off pit strategy and leads on the restart. He pulls away and clears the lappers.
Lap 63: Benoit Lothaire-Irvine to the lead with assistance from Rajesh Umpenkalen.
Lap 76: Kevin Anderson to the front, the front is controlled by WestFall and CT.
Lap 79: Benoit retakes the lead, Freeze looking for second. Roberts coming back for fourth as Anderson gets recycled to the rear.
Lap 87: Heated fight for sixth between the two major championship rivals. Freeze gets it, this ties him in points.
Lap 91: 53 to the lead. Umpenkalen and Hightower fighting for second.
Lap 99: Benoit and Freeze have both passed the 53 and are now fighting each other, give it to Benoit into Turn 3. Freeze now has to hold off the 53, here comes Sheppard and McDonald.
Lap 105: Caution is out after Sally Hunter turned herself off Raj. Sheppard led to the line.
Lap 111: DePlatt with a great start takes the lead from Freeze.
Lap 117: Bad news for Freeze fans: he's down to 23rd as his championship rival takes the lead from DePlatt.
Lap 124: Rehall to the front. He didn't have a good Season 9.
Lap 132: Carmichael back to the lead with Shepherd in tow.
Lap 141: It has been back and forth between Carmichael and Shepherd but Carmichael came out in top.
Lap 154: Sheppard had gotten the lead out of some pack racing, now DePlatt has it back.
Lap 157: Hood takes the lead after pit stops conclude.
Lap 163: Freeze climbs back into the top 10 after spending the latter half of the day in the mid 20s.
Lap 169: DePlatt takes the lead.
Lap 181: Dalton to second. Hood back to third, Carmichael and Freeze back in the same group.
Lap 187: 53 back by Dalton.
Lap 189: Dalton back to second in a back and forth battle.
Lap 197: The battle's for second as Carmichael grabs the spot. It's definitely too late for a charge now though.
Lap 200: Out of the final corner, Austin DePlatt finally claims career win #4 and his first since Season 3!
1. 60
2. 90
3. 27
4. 98
5. 53
6. 69
7. 70
8. 11
9. 07
10. 79
12. 47
13. 80
14. 26
16. 34
18. 38
19. 24
27. 8 Matt Preston
31. 87
32. 96
37. 02

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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