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CTRS Round 8 of Sonoma Empty CTRS Round 8 of Sonoma

Post by nhood53 on April 12th 2019, 7:43 pm

GOGH Qualifiers: 32, 07, 2, 30, 52, 43, 99
Qualifying Order: 53, 70, 40, 11, 60, 3, 80, 30, 52, 32, 05, 47, 57, 44, 58, 14, 34, 69, 49, 38, 45, 07, 20, 59, 96, 98, 23, 50, 79, 99, 02, 1, 65, 2, 27, 90, 43, 24, 26, 78, 81, 72
Lap 1: 70 takes the lead as the caution comes out when Wise in the 72 gets ran over by the 20 and flips over. First car to pit is the #30 from sixth.
Lap 21: Not much happening yet. #70 holding on to a nice lead over the 53.
Lap 30: New leader: Stryger in the 32.
Lap 31: Caution: Stic leaves the pits across the nose of Wallace. Leader is DePlatt after the 32 pitted, but the 32 could retake the spot.
Lap 32: Contact between the 70 and 53 on pit road has left them bothe in the rear of the field.
Lap 33: 32 pulls away on the restart after the 11 made a try to her outside, but he is not agreeing with the changes made on the pit stop and now Gonzalez is there for second.
Lap 57: New leader: 58.
Lap 59: H. Stucole takes the lead during the pit cycle.
Lap 61: Gonzalez retakes the top spot after the pit cycle, the 69 is second with Bul Dalton third, Freeze fourth, and the 05 fifth. Stryger has dropped to seventh. As the caution is out, Anderson came out of the pits and merged in front of the 27 causing him to go for a spin.
Lap 62: Mixed bag on strategy, leader Gonzalez pits while the 69 stays out to inherit the lead over Dalton, Stryger, Hightower, and Satska. First out of the pits was Gonzalez, he will start 12th. Also, some of the cars that stayed out did not get through the corner before Gonzalez did, that means they will start behind the 58 (by the way, great run for BSR today with all team vehicles in the top 15)
Lap 64: Hightower completely misses turn 3a and loses numerous positions, Zach in the 69 holds off the challenge by Bul Dalton as the caution is out for a huge wreck.
Lap 64: Caution: Gonzalez did not get going well on the start, gets turned by Kevin Anderson.  Carmichael side swipes the 58, pushing him into the 78's way. Gonzalez's parked 58 is in the line of Rob Mooney, also collecting Garrison, Lukewalker, Erickson, Roberts, and the 81.
Lap 66: Zach leads the field back to the restart. He gets a good jump over the 40 and pulls away.
Lap 69: Benoit Lothaire-Irvine seems to have lost the handle on car #96, meanwhile Vince Freeze has regained what he lost in the pit stop cycle with the #11 in fifth place. These two were on two different ends of the last caution, as Freeze had to avoid getting hit when Carmichael ran into the 58.
Lap 79: Lothaire-Irvine has been holding up the 11 for 10 laps now, they are pretty much out of the fight for the win unless something happens to the top 3. We've seen it earlier this race with the two leaders the 70 and 53 making pit road contact. Pit window is open now.
Lap 83: Former race leader Gonzalez falls a third lap down after being involved in the lap 64 caution.
Lap 85: Leaders already taking advantage of the open pit window, move car #3 to the lead.
Lap 87: The 3 and 11 have stayed out thus far, we have seen that staying out for longer has a positive effect on the track position after pit stops, so this may work out for Stucole.
Lap 88: Lead change, Vince Freeze gets to lead his first laps of the day. Can he get his third win of the season in the season where he got his first win in Round 1?
Lap 91: Caution has come out. Ike Gonzalez got together with the 14 off Turn 10, evasive action was taken by Millers, this will knock Gonzalez out.
Lap 92: New leader is MILLERS??
Lap 93: Coming to the green the two leaders pit, this gives the lead to SO Garrison, SO has a chance to get his first career win after coming so close so many times. But he has to pit! Benoit Lothaire Irvine to the lead!
Top ten: 96 44 26 59 40 3 14 45 52 34.
Lap 98: Fight for the lead, Hightower takes it away as now McDonald is all over the 96 for second.
Lap 104: Caution is out to set up a five lap dash. Things hadn't gone well for Vince Freeze since the last pit cycle, he was running in 21st when Dalton hit the wall and spun down into him and the 27. Leader is Hightower.
Lap 108: 44 pulls away on the restart, the news media and Team Grounded Development are both doubting themselves now regarding Season 8 and the claims that she was a talentless flop.
Lap 112: Final lap for Maddie Hightower. Her first season of the series was so mediocre that she was pulled from her ride mid season in favor of SM Christmas. The team gave her a second chance to race this season, and that decision is going to pay off! Hightower gets career win #1 at Sonoma!

1. 44
2. 96
3. 69
4. 14
5. 26
6. 3
7. 40
8. 23
9. 45
10. 34
12. 52
13. 47
16. 98
19. 07
20. 02
22. 80
24. 38
29. 11
33. 70
34. 24
37. 43
40. 99

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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