CTRS Round 9 of New Hampshire

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CTRS Round 9 of New Hampshire Empty CTRS Round 9 of New Hampshire

Post by nhood53 on April 23rd 2019, 8:17 pm

Non Charter Qualifiers: 2, 8, 63, 07, 52, 86, 73
Polesitter: Tommy Roberts
Lap 1: Roberts barely leads the first lap over his teammate Anderson, Aidan Shepherd up to fight for third with Mooney.
Lap 2: Roberts clears the 34 for the lead.
Lap 54: It's back, the rain that has haunted the entire weekend is. Leader is Roberts.
Lap 56: Restart: Roberts is on it and takes off with the lead over Anderson. Mooney tries a pass but fails and the field quickly goes back single-file.
Lap 73: First cars to pit are Anderson, McDonald, Freeze, Satska, Millers, and John.
Lap 78: Leaders pit and give the lead up to Sandfer.
Lap 81: Kevin Anderson takes the lead as the caution comes out. Moss and Sheppard get together, putting each other into the wall, leading to Moss's wife Bekah spinning Jose Stic.
Lap 96: Rob Mooney just made a rare pass on Millers for sixth.
Lap 117: Rob Mooney up to fifth by passing the 45.
Lap 124: Of course, the rain is back with 46 laps to go. If this ends the race, Kevin Anderson has just won his first race of Season 9 and his 5th career win!
Lap 124: Restart, no moves being made at all, they all settle back into formation behind the 3 WestFall teammates.
Lap 126: Satska takes the lead.
Lap 126: Mooney takes over out front, pit stops picking up now.
Lap 135: Benoit Lothaire-Irvine tried and failed to make a pass on the 38 of Roberts for fourth.
Lap 135: Bul Dalton to the lead as the Mooney group pits.
Lap 138: New leader is the 59 of Millers over the 45 of John and Anderson.
Lap 146: And the officials are calling the race, the 59 of Millers wins at New Hampshire in a rain shortened finish. (OOC: First CTRS race to end in rain shortening, one DDS race at Chicago also suffered the same fate)
1. 59
2. 45
3. 34
4. 23
5. 24
6. 11
7. 98
8. 07
9. 53
10. 52
11. 47
12. 70
13. 02
16. 80
25. 96
27. 8
31. 38
40. 26 (crash that was undocumented, thought he was clear of #27 Jake Moss but was not)

Nathan Hood

All characters in these works are fictional and should not be taken as impersonation. Thanks.

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