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The Leagues of OfflineHost

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The Leagues of OfflineHost Empty The Leagues of OfflineHost

Post by Rykia on January 30th 2016, 6:42 am

Since the forum is growing and we're continuing to get more people interested in running their own leagues, I figured I would compile a list of said leagues operating here in some form.  Links to these leagues are listed below.


League: ARCSOA
Owner - f1fan12
Involvement - Heavy

League: Sony Cup Series
Owner - FUEL
Involvement - Heavy

League: The MMRL
Owner - Rykia
Involvement - To be determined

League: IARC Chase Bank World Championship
Owner - TheRealNathNath
Involvement - Growing

League: Bank of America Team Championship
Owner - LHP14Florida, Finnish909

League: markjeff531's Mock Series
Owner - markjeff531
Involvement - View-Only

League: Pericles' Leagues
Owner - Red Viper Gaming
Involvement - Moderate

League: NROPL
Owner - The NROPL
Involvement - Moderate

League: nirvanafan's Mock Series
Owner - nirvanafan
Involvement - View-Only

League: NRSL
Owner - Various
Involvement - Check out their forum Wink

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