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Post by f1fan on February 15th 2016, 9:42 pm

Welcome to the United States Open Wheel Championship. Here is a little background into the series before entering.

The United States Open Wheel Championship was created to be an American alternative to Formula Omega. The series races on an entire Road Course based schedule which each state getting 1 grand prix. The most prestigious race of the season is the Longest Day @ Nelson's Ledges. The Longest day was a 10 hour Open wheel race. However now the race has been shortened to 5 hours. The race tends to be the only open entry race, and has a reduced field size for the race. The biggest thing about the Longest day is, there will be driver changes. As the years have gone on, the race develops into a story. With each race taking on it's own personality.

The championship contains teams of two fighting for a team and a drivers championship. However starting this season, teams are allowed to run a 3rd, Part Time car. Provided it runs a different livery, and has a young driver in it. The series has grown into an American Open Wheel spectacle, that is sure to excite!

Kenny Myatt:
Welcome to the USOWC Kenny_11

Maddie Myatt:
Welcome to the USOWC Maddie11

Erin Perkins:
Welcome to the USOWC Maddie10

Sean Perkins:
Welcome to the USOWC Sean_p10

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