Racers Digest: Unpredictable Championship?

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Racers Digest: Unpredictable Championship?  Empty Racers Digest: Unpredictable Championship?

Post by McBlair on April 12th 2016, 5:33 pm

Coming into the 2016, people had high intentions for a lot of guys and teams. Jake Baskinger, Bradley Bishop Jr, Blue Flare, YAMP, etc. Those people and teams are some of the b'ys who were expected to do the Best Buy haven't really shown up like they did in 2015. Especially Blue Flare and Bradley Bishop Jr. But when you think of it, Baskinger went from a championship contender to trying to crack the top 16 in a few races. There is still time though so let's have hope for these guys!

But one of the more interesting things, there isn't really high or low tier teams anymore. When you look at it, teams like Blue Flare, YAMP, Mace, and obviously many more are getting outran by teams who were expected to do poorly. CM Racing is one big example, so is Athenian Motorsports, Red Stallion Racing is kind of there, Red Bull never had overly high expectations but are dominating the league.

So, a question is, with all the top tier teams not making races like expected or performing as well as expected, how unpredictable will this championship be? Quite unpredictable. Since at any time the #1 in the points standings could miss a race. Like Sean Perkins almost missed a few races but has done basically the best so far this season.

Just a quick little story for y'all about my thoughts on the 2016 championship.

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