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Update on Jordan Davis Empty Update on Jordan Davis

Post by FUEL on June 13th 2016, 1:06 am

Jordan Davis was in the hospital late Saturday night surprisingly knocked him unconscious and knocked the breath out of him so it was a very scary situation and was airlifted when he wouldn't awake or notify officials he was okay. Taken to the the local hospital, Davis finally awoke later that night and was back to himself. He said he was feeling pretty sore but said he was fine. Obviously a scary situation it was, it could of been bad by them circumstances but lucky our safety crew was able to work hard on him and do the precautionary measures and send him off for help. Davis was injured at Fontana earlier this season and has missed 3 races this season after a broken arm injury. He has rebounded to 22nd in the points 62 points outside of 16th in points to make the chase. Jordan will be competing at Indy in hopes of winning the big race. Davis will most likely need a win to get into the Chase.

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