Sony Cup Series Race Hub : Episode 1 Indianapolis 250

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Sony Cup Series Race Hub : Episode 1 Indianapolis 250 Empty Sony Cup Series Race Hub : Episode 1 Indianapolis 250

Post by Finnish909 on June 16th 2016, 7:37 pm

"Hello everyone, welcome to the premiere episode of the Sony Cup Series Race Hub. My name is Kyle Shock Sr., and this is your home for up to date news in and out of the garage within the series as we go on throughout the season. Unfortunate we did not start at Daytona but we weren't set yet but now, here we are. Let's just get straight to the headlines this week."

"The Indianapolis 250 marks another crown jewel of the SCS, that following the Daytona 500, and maybe even the finale at Washington DC. So far the only driver this season to have one of these three jewels is the driver of the 82 for Red Bull, Sean Perkins. The team is already struggling by their qualifying efforts and surely the fans are hoping to keep the bad odem for the team. I'm sure Perkins as well will just flip off the drivers and fans non the least."

"Speaking of qualifying, it was a who's who trying to fight and battle for the pole, being swapped by multiple chase competitors but ultimately, Nick Mace swiped it from the rest of the field and will bring the field to the green flag this Sunday. Still Mace is trying to pass fellow teammate 'The King' Richard Johnson with the most wins ever recorded in SCS history. We'll just see if Nick Mace will do it, and kiss the bricks at Indy."

"As we continue our story on qualifying, there is something credited as 'The Miracle at Gasoline Alley', what really everyone was eyeing on was who will make it into the show by speed alone. The likes of Sean Harple, Kyle Collins, and Michael White all made it in but the story was more or so is referencing is about the driver of the 92, Jeffery Finguy. Finguy has qualified 36th and was about to be kicked out of the field with the likes of Treck Tauger, Chris Dodd, Kenny Myatt and even his teammate James Shelly, all who like the others, didn't make the event."

"Jeffery's own team finance, Nintendo had openly stated "If one of your cars don't qualify, our deal is done after this season." From some sort of combination joked by many as a 'devils brew of the blood of Christ and Pixie Sticks' it got him in the field."

"We will keep you updated from Indy all the way into DC. Thank you all for watching the pilot episode of the SCS Race Hub. I'm Kyle Shock Sr. an I, will see you next time. Good bye, and good luck to all that will compete on Sunday."

(OOC: Little rough and jagged but I'm sure it'll smooth out soon enough. I hope you enjoy)
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Sony Cup Series Race Hub : Episode 1 Indianapolis 250 Empty Re: Sony Cup Series Race Hub : Episode 1 Indianapolis 250

Post by RedViperGaming on June 16th 2016, 7:59 pm

*Round of Applause*

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