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Post by Rykia on July 6th 2016, 8:45 pm

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Horizon Group 2017 Talks Beginning Early, Possible Changes Incoming

Although Silly Season is still around the corner, bits of information are beginning to be released, such as ARROW Dynamics' plans to enter a three-car fleet in 2017.  As for Horizon Group, another three car team in the Sony Cup Series, they may once again see changes in 2017, though the extent is currently unknown.

The main stories coming out of the Horizon Group camp this season have been the successes of Dillon Young and the struggles of Matthew Rodriguez.  Young's season in the Great Clips 78 has been one marked with speed and consistency, and although he does not have a win, would easily point himself into the chase if it were to start right now.  Horizon Group owners have already expressed interest in re-signing Young, and sponsor Great Clips hopes to stay with the growing team as well.

Rodriguez, however, has faced an entirely different season.  Despite having fast cars early in the season, his races were mired with crashes that placed him down the running order in the points standings.  His only saving grace for a while was his qualifying speed, which would put him into the show--until Darlington, where he failed to qualify.  Immediately questions of the stability of his future in the 3M 77 Dodge were raised, some even wondering if he would get the boot early.  Likely the only shining light this season has been at the Decatur Raceway, where Rodriguez dominated and won the race with AccuDoc Solutions on the hood.  That light was brief, however, and Rodriguez struggled again at Daytona, losing the draft early and finishing 31st.  Reports have also come in that 3M is not happy with his performance, and after Sean Perkins struggled in the 3M machine last season, there has also been talk that 3M could drop sponsorship from the team completely, or at least jump ship to another driver.  Fortunately, Rodriguez is signed through 2016 and the team has stated they will honor that contract.

With these heavy rumors that Rodriguez could be dropped from the lineup at season's end, other sources have stated that the team has been in talks with free agents, namely Charles Sandfer, to fill the void.

As for Jeffery Lynn, all sources indicate that the team is more than happy with him and his presence within the team, and hope to re-sign Lynn in 2017.   Sponsorship may be an issue with the 76 as well though, as Steaz Iced Green Tea does not plan to return to the team next season.

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Horizon Group News and Notes Empty Re: Horizon Group News and Notes

Post by FUEL on July 6th 2016, 8:52 pm

Jeffery has been happy with the team and cars, nearly winning Las Vegas had a lap car not been in the way on the last lap however he has found bad luck this season to put him back to just inside the Top 25 in points. He likes the team and would like to comeback if possible.

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