Round 8 of Talladega

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Round 8 of Talladega Empty Round 8 of Talladega

Post by The NROPL on November 30th 2015, 4:58 pm

As we head to our second super speedway of the season at Talladega, drivers gear up for what was a wild one as tempers flared early and rookies made mistakes. Our first caution came out on lap 2 when the 10 of Johnny Cokes made contact with Ben Goldberg in the 9 and that sends Cokes up into the drivers to his outside and caused the big on. Lots of drivers day ends early after the early big one. Our second caution came out on 7 when the 2 of Tyler Markel makes contact with Phillip Goldberg in the 18 and turns him down into the 24. Goldberg goes back and hit the wall hard and slid back down the track into on coming traffic and that's when
the 25 of Bobby Gordon came and ram Goldberg in the drivers side at over 180+ mph. Gordon apologized but was parked because he showed no sign of slowing down. Goldberg was air lifted to the nearest hospital with a broken rib and a broken left arm and will not compete in the cup race at Dega. After a long red flag we go back green. Green flag pit stops were made and no other cautions was displayed. At the white flag, driver Ramian Fisher in the 7 Great Clips Chevy was in the lead and was sure of a win until he ran out of gas in turns 3 and 4. Fisher pitted and out of nowhere Ben Goldberg in the 9 takes the checkered flag in first place. Ben didn't celebrate much due to the fact that his brother Phillip being in the Hospital. Drivers pack up and will head to Iowa next Saturday. On to the Cup Race!

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