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My Headset Broke Empty My Headset Broke

Post by FUEL on July 22nd 2016, 1:05 am

Fuel: My old turtle beach headset... my ear force p11's have finally broke. I have been using the same headset since the Season 4 Daytona 500. The only time I haven't used my headset since was when I commentated the duels with Nick for the 2015 Season Finale. This headset has helped me call 297 points paying races. When the Round of Michigan this weekend rolls around I won't be using the same headset. I went to Walmart earlier this week and bought a new headset and commentated Michigan. I have just got done editing it and the audio is horrible so I apologize to everyone the sound is going to be awful... but the race is good so if you can over look the audio then you'll enjoy. I will not be using the same headset again. I have ordered another turtle beach ear force p11 headset the same exact one I did use, so I will be getting back a new headset that is the same exact kind as the old one! However, after Michigan, going to Kansas the headset probably most likely won't be here by then. So I will be using the computer mic that is built into the computer. The same audio device me and Nick used to commentate the duels in for the 2015 Season Finale.

So just know I will sound pretty horrible for Michigan not so bad for Kansas but hope to be sounding back to normal after that!

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