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Post by FUEL on July 28th 2016, 12:17 am

Dillon Young has ran a solid clean season putting him 3rd in main season points, completing 92% of the laps of the scheduled laps ran all year the most of any driver.

Nick Mace has led the most laps out of any driver this year at 185 laps led.

Only 17 drivers have started EVERY race this season.

After 22 Rounds... Only 3 drivers have more than 10 top 10 finishes this season! Noah Hart (15), Nick Mace (11), and Zachary Fitzwater (10).

Matthew Rodriguez has start 21 of the 22 races ran this season, he has DNF'd in 12 of those 21 races and still holds the 25th spot in points with a shot to make the chase.

Rodriguez is the only one to have 10 or more DNF's. Aaron Taylor sits 14th in main season points, 19th in the chase fight after having 9 DNF's.

Out of 22 races ran so far this season... We've had 15 different winners. Pretty good considering competition in the SCS is tough.

Out of all our full time drivers, only a certain few drivers have yet to lead a lap this season! Those drivers are... Cooper Syron, Alan Cavagnaro, Treck Tauger, Hayden Kline, Matt Duncan, Jordan Fisher, and Chris Dodd.

Dom Caps, Jordan Fisher, and Chris Dodd are the only full time drivers to not finish inside the Top 10 at all this season!

Everyone who has started a race this season has had atleast 1 DNF except for Ricky Johnson. He has only ran 2 races though. Out of all the full time drivers the driver to have the least amount of DNF's is William Brock finishing 19 out of the 20 races this season he has started.|

Despite getting fired from Martin Motorsports, failing to qualify two races for Titanium Motorsports and getting hired on at Allen Family Racing... Skye Commons sits in a shot 21st in points technically speaking if he could win he'd be in the chase. He is the only driver to change 3 different rides this season.

Mace Enterprises took away the most winning team award this year after last weekend getting their 5th win of the year. Last year, Mace Enterprises only had 1 win this time of the year.

Blue Flare Motorsports, ARC Racing, Fisher Motorsports, SUMS Racing, Finguy-Psytomi, Red Stallion, Titanium Motorsports, and CM Racing are the only teams to not win so far this year... Personal opinion: The first 4 teams listed I believe could win a race if they got themselves in position to do so. Finguy-Psytomi going to Dodge partnering with AFRT and Red Stallion dropping to a one car team I believe those might put themselves in position to win for next year however, only 4 teams on the list I believe could do something but I'm not too surprised they haven't won 'yet'.

After last week we saw Sean Perkins use another PCP... Figure I let you guys see how many PCP's these drivers have left.

Jesse Turner: 6
Jacob Hart: 5
Jake Baskinger: 6
Nick Mace: 6
DJ Kurtis: 6
Eugene Demax: 6
Eric Burton: 6
Sean Perkins: 1
Jordan Davis: 6
Dom Caps: 4
Richerd Johnson: 5
Hayden Kline: 6

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Post by FitzwaterAustralia59 on July 28th 2016, 10:04 pm

Most consistent finishes for Car 8
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