Silly Season Starting Off Silly!

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SILLY - Silly Season Starting Off Silly! Empty Silly Season Starting Off Silly!

Post by FUEL on August 1st 2016, 7:58 pm

Yamp Motorsports With Two New Drivers!

Yamp Motorsports has not been the best team like they use to be like this year. 2015 they had 6 wins total this year they only have 1 so far with 23 races done... Yamp Motorsports has released its weakest drivers of the series so far this season being Sandfer and Syron. Yamp Motorsports has hired rookie Dajon Weeks to drive full time in the #38 car and also 2-time champion Jacob Hart will be moving from FBR for the first time since Season 15 Jacob will be in a car not owned by his brother!

FUEL Brothers Racing Also Gets 2 New Drivers
After brother Jacob left FBR, FBR was left with 2 extra spots. FBR decided to step up and ask an old veteran if he was willing to drive for his team and ironically its a driver who was released from the same team Jacob is going to... Charles Sandfer after driving 2 seasons in the Yamp Motorsports #88 ford was a free agent after this season and Noah jumped right on him and get Sandfer as his #54 car (new number replacing the #83).

The other driver to join the team is Sean Harple who has been racing the #83 for a few races. So Harple who has been racing with help from FBR this season will be joining up for next year.

Noah: I believe Sandfer if one of the best drivers in the series to have never won a championship. He's got so many wins and is a very talented driver. I believe he had a rough year at Yamp Motorsports but I believe he could turn it around in our program and maybe win a championship for our team. With Harple he has shown a lot of talent in the SUMS Racing car over the past few years. He deserves the ride and I believe he can win us some races and put us high in the standings possibly a championship!

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