Season 22 Preliminary Schedule

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Season 22 Preliminary Schedule Empty Season 22 Preliminary Schedule

Post by f1fan on September 23rd 2016, 3:41 pm

American Tour I

1. Round of Florida @ St. Pete
2. Round of Georgia @ Road Atlanta
3. Round of Texas @ Texas Motor Speedway

European Tour

4. Round of Great Britain @ TBA- Oulton Park can't host the date this year... ARCSOA is commited to Britain this weekend however.
5. Round of Germany @ Eurospeedway
6. Round of Finland @ Scandanavian Raceway Park
7. Round of Italy @ TBA- Italy reportedly has a date, no clue on what track however.
8. Round of Russia @ TBA- Tula is under threat from a few other tracks. I would expect that Tula is the favorite for the date though.
9. Round of France @ Parisian Superdrome
10. Round of Belgium @ TBA- Spa and Zolder really want this date, but St. Pierre doesn't want to give it up.

American Tour II

11. American 700 XI @ Auto Club Speedway
12. Round of Ohio @ TBA- OMS is under threat from Burke Lakefront Airport and Mid-Ohio. I would expect Mid-Ohio here.
13. Round of Michigan @ TBA- Michigan once again has a date. No clue on what track though.
14. Round of Pennsylvania @ TBA- Both Beaver Run and Pocono are pushing for a date on the schedule.
15. The Indianapolis 250

Canadian Tour

16. Round of Nova Scotia @ R. Kelly International Speedway
17. Round of Quebec @ Trois Riviers- Trois Riviers and Maple Leaf Endurance course are set to alternate years for the Round of Quebec
18. Round of British Columbia @ Canadian International

American Tour III

19. Round of Wisconsin @ TBA- There is a push to get ARCSOA at Milwaukee in order to save the track from a bulldozer. However, ARCSOA is intent on going back to Road America.
20. Round of New York @ TBA- The New York City wants to re-institute the old street race. However, a new track is being built on Staten Island which may result in the race going there.
21. Round of South Carolina @ Darlington
22. Round of Alabama @ Barber Motorsports Park
23. Round of Arizona @ Phoenix

Asian Tour

24. Round of Japan @ TBA- There are a bunch of tracks pushing for this. I am thinking Twin Ring Motegi is the leader.
25. Round of China @ TBA- Shanghai has wanted ARCSOA for a few years. But there are a few possibilities for a street race

Australian Tour
26. TBA- ARCSOA announced there would only be 2 races in Australia in Season 22 rather than 3. Surfers Paradise, Calder Park, and Barbagallo will have to fight for those two races.
27. TBA

South American Tour

28. Round of Brazil @ Cumbica
29. Round of Argentina @ El Salto International Raceway

30. The ARCSOA Elite Series World Championships @ Port Skyline International Raceway

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Season 22 Preliminary Schedule Empty Re: Season 22 Preliminary Schedule

Post by MrKyleCollins on September 23rd 2016, 10:24 pm

Yes! Nova Scotia is back! Hopefully Collins can win there in S22 Smile

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Season 22 Preliminary Schedule Empty Re: Season 22 Preliminary Schedule

Post by Hsuorttocs on September 25th 2016, 12:08 am

Finally! Alabama!

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Season 22 Preliminary Schedule Empty Re: Season 22 Preliminary Schedule

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