BFM Press Conference (10/02) ~ About BFM

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BFM Press Conference (10/02) ~ About BFM Empty BFM Press Conference (10/02) ~ About BFM

Post by MrKyleCollins on October 3rd 2016, 4:41 pm

This is a press conference that was set up by Johnson Freeman for the drivers who'll be racing for BFM in S22. Those being Madeline "Maddie" Myatt, Xavier De Urie, and William Brock

Maddie Myatt:
Q: What brought you to Blue Flare Motorsports? What do you think you can do with them? What are your expectations for S22?
A: BFM is on course for being the best team in the leauge. Maybe in a few years.

Q: There is a decent sized rookie class for S22 so far, who do you expect to make you work for the ROTY title?
A: It depends on the car to be honest. If the car is strong, then I have a good chance.

Q: Rumour has it your father will become Xavier De Urie's driver coach? Would it be cool if your dad worked with one of the drivers on your team and do you think any of this would've happened w/o the BFM Developmental Camp?
A: I know dad is interested in joining BFM. I know he won't be my drivers coach. He never has wanted to work much with me... he wants me to forge my own path.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Lexus's BFM uses?
A: Haven't driven it yet, so I don't know. Looks nice though!

Q: BFM is moving headquarters to a bigger place in Canada, have you seen it yet and if so, what are your thoughts on the new HQ?
A: Haven't been to it or seen it. I think my dad has been shown his office though. The fact that my dad has an office is scary in itself.

Xavier De Urie:
Q: What are your expectations coming into S22 and what will you try to do?
A: For me, my goal is to win the ROTY title. I've got to stay consistent to do so because I'm sure the other rookies will put up one hell of a fight. Maybe I can even pull off an upset and win in my rookie year.

Q: You're the driver BFM chose to sign to their roster out of your BFM Developmental Camp class. How does that make you feel?
A: It's amazing. I was always told I had potential, but I never would've believed I had enough potential to be a driver in a top league for a future top team. Though, Nikula really made me work to get this spot. We were buds at camp so hopefully we can have some good battles.

Q: Sources say Kenny Myatt wants to be your driver coach, true or false?
A: As of the time we are talking, he is still racing FT so he hasn't mentioned this to me yet. But if it's true I will definitely be most honoured to let him do so:

Q: Madeline Myatt and William Brock both have AES experience? What will you learn from them?
A: Maddie is still learning like me, she's a rookie so it's all about learning and developing in the first season. I'm sure we'll give each other pointers, but I think William Brock will be the biggest help to the both of us as he was a BFM developmental driver success story and is possibly a future champion.

Q: Do you plan on sticking with BFM for a while?
A: It's hard to say. Depending on how the cookie crumbles I guess. Roman Rehall and BFM planned to be together for a while, but luck wasn't there for the pair so they are splitting after S21. So while I'd love to stay here for a while, it depends.

William Brock:
Q: What are your goals for S22?
A: My goals for Season 22 are very simple: Win races, get consistent finishes, not get involved in any wrecks, and win the championship.

Q: You were a developmental driver for BFM and a success story. This year you'll be racing with Xavier De Urie and Madeline Myatt? What are your thoughts on both of them?
A: I don't really know much about De Urie, but I thought Myatt did really well at the American 700; I believe she could've won that race if her gearbox hadn't failed. So, I think I will be interesting to see how they do with Blue Flare.

Q: This is your first ever season without Roman Rehall. How much will it be different in the paddock without him on your team and do you wish him the best going forward?
A: I was a little disappointed when I found out that Rehall wasn't coming back, but I also believe that this is an opportunity for him to unlock his full potential, plus me and Rehall are still best buddies, and I wish him the best of luck.

Q: You and BFM together have had terrible luck and not-the-best consistency. Going into S22 how do you plan to turn the tables with luck and consistency?
A: Well, I think the one thing that we can do is try to avoid as many wrecks as possible, and I'm hoping we'll have better equipment for Season 22.

Q: You had plans to make a team and they fell through. Do you still want to make a team sometime? And would you drive for it or would you stay with teams that aren't your team?
A: I was not able to get a team for Elite, but I was able to form my own team for the newly formed √čurope Series; Whether I leave Blue Flare or stay depends on how well I do; If I don't do well, I'll race for my own team, but if I do well, I'll still form my own team, and possibly stay with Blue Flare. We'll just see if everything works out

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