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Driver Name: Ike Durbin
Age: 33 (OOC: This may be wrong; I haven't done the math and I just guessed off the top of my head.)
Active Racing Series: ARCSOA Elite Series [Team Owner]
Debut Season: Season 8
Current Team: N/A
Wins: 6
Best Points Finish: 3rd (Season 17)

Ike Durbin began his major racing ventures in the ARCSOA Elite Series at age eighteen, making his debut for the Melling Racing Team in a green and black number 9 Ford Taurus.  Durbin quickly proved that he could be a force to be reckoned with and had speed at times.  Unfortunately, inconsistency on both Durbin's and the team's part plagued Durbin, causing them to fail to qualify for several events.  Despite this, Durbin picked up the first victory of his career at the Minnesota Raceway from the pole, coming back from being a lap down at one point.  

At the conclusion of the season, Durbin announced he would be leaving the team for DEI for Season 9.  His stint with the team only lasted a handful of races after the season was short-lived due to financial issues.  Despite expecting to return with the team in Season 10, DEI took a one-season hiatus from ARCSOA and Durbin was left to scramble for a ride.

Durbin would find a home at HMS for Season 10, piloting their unsponsored number 68.  Despite the team having strong cars, the 68 was cash-strapped due to their lack of sponsorship, and Durbin struggled the entire season to put the car above the midfield, all the while his teammates ran up front.  Due to this, Durbin was sacked at season's end.

For Season 11, Durbin opted not to pursue a full-time ride in the ARCSOA Elite Series, instead joining the Red Bull Racing team as team principal.  As principal, Durbin would oversee the hirings of Logan Faulkner and Jeffrey Finguy, two young up-and-comers.  Unsure of the experience or talent of the two, many questioned Durbin's decision to hire these two drivers.  They quickly showed their speed however, competing for wins on a weekly basis.  Despite Finguy missing races due to injury and a young Erin Perkins subbing for him, their other young talent Logan Faulkner picked up the pace, eventually winding up second in points.

For the first time in his AES career, Durbin would remain with a team for a second season, returning as principal of Team Red Bull.  Lead driver Logan Faulkner would leave the series altogether.  While this seemed to be a detrimental loss to the team, Durbin was able to snag good friend and defending champion Ryan Griffin from Roush, and Griffin joined the team.  Despite tougher competition, the team still maintained their strong pace, competing for wins on a regular basis.  Once again Durbin had a driver in the championship fight going into the finale with Griffin.  However after altercations between Griffin and another championship contender, Griffin would wind up runner-up, giving Red Bull yet another runner-up owner's points finish.

At season's end, Durbin announced he and Ryan Griffin would be leaving Team Red Bull as Durbin has acquired assets to start his own team, DurbinSport.  Durbin hired Griffin as the lead driver and rookie (HanleyzHD) as their second driver  The team opted to run Dodge chassis.  Despite running decent at times, Griffin was caught in multiple accidents and never scored points.  (HanleyzHD) surprised many at times, scoring a few points.  When the season concluded early once again, DurbinSport suspended operations due to funding issues.  During the press release regarding the team's state, Durbin ended the conference by stating that he would take hiatus from not only ARCSOA but motorsports in general.  The only exceptions were preparing cars for Geo Arias under the Red Bull Racing banner for entry in the one-off events.  

During this time of hiatus, Durbin spent much of his time  in the country of Amaria, sightseeing, relaxing, and eventually buying a home.

This hiatus would last up until the middle of season 15, when Durbin would return out of nowhere to drive for the struggling Mentervini team, replacing Bob Fergus.  This came as a surprise as no announcement was made by either the team or Durbin before he made his debut for the team at Daytona.  While Durbin was not a threat for points initially, he proved to be the quickest driver Mentervini had, immediately outpacing teammate Jackie Tang.  Durbin would eventually score points for the team at Riverside Park, scoring a top five for the team in what would be his final outing for for the young Italian group.  This would not be Durbin's final start of season 15 however, as DurbinSport would make a return to the grid for the Five Hours of Europe.  Durbin showed that the team has speed, leading laps before eventually finishing eighth due to electrical issues.  While the rest of season 15 would remain quiet for Durbin, things were secretly in the works.

Gaining backing from personal sponsor Skullcandy and engine supplier Lykos, DurbinSport would secure the final grid slot just weeks before the season started.  Durbin would pilot the the team's first car while hiring rookie driver Will Lewis to pilot the team's second car.  The team showed that they had incredible handling, however lacked somewhat in aerodynamics which hurt them on high speed tracks.  While the team appeared to be mired in the midfield, their chassis power would become very apparent at the Mallory Park oval, when Lewis won the pole.  However that wasn't the highlight of the weekend, as Durbin came from fourteenth to win the event, taking the lead from eventual champion Charlie Fibrosis in the closing laps.  Despite his win, Durbin was known for being involved in early crashes, mostly not of his own doing.  This happened so much that he and fellow competitor James Silverfox joked about who had the most first lap incident.  Due to this, Durbin was mired deep in the points standings at season's end, though winding up ahead of teammate Lewis.

At season's end, Lewis left the team for Action-Terra, another Indiana based team.  After hunting for a replacement driver, Durbin would wind up reuniting with Jeffrey Finguy, who drove for Durbin when he was team principal of Team Red Bull.  Early pre-season testing immediately showed that the DurbinSport Lykos team had found something, being consistently two of the quickest cars in every session.  Despite decent finishing results in the opening races of the season, much of the first half of Durbin's campaign would be crash-filled, mainly due to incidents not of his own doing.  Because of this, midway through the season Durbin would announce he would not make a full-time bid at the championship in Season 18, stating that there were "too many silly incidents occurring every week in a series that features some of the supposed best drivers in the world," and that it was "taking the fun out of racing."  Ironically, soon after Durbin began running up front consistently, although results were still an issue and he was still mired in the points standings. Ironically, Durbin would score his first victory of the season and his third career win in the crash-filled Michigan dirt track race by having one of the quickest cars all race and avoiding the attrition.  From there, his season would pick up, winning once again two rounds later in British Columbia and again the following race in Hutchinson Island.  With his resurgence in the second half of the season, Durbin would find himself in championship contention going into the final round at Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, a cut tire would set him a lap down early.  He would then fall out of the race when James Silverfox slowed on track right in front of Durbin, busting his radiator.  Durbin would fall out of the race, finishing third in the championship.

To date, Season 17 was Durbin's most successful season.  Despite returning in Season 19 for AudiSport, he found little success.  Rumors are he may return to drive for RUS-Matthews next season.

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