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Post by MrKyleCollins on October 13th 2016, 2:32 pm

Name: Xavier Bradlee De Urie
Age: 22
Birthplace: Jamestown, St. Helena
Where he currently resides: Jamestown, St. Helena
AES Debut: S22
Current team: None
Best points finish: Hasn't started first season yet

Xavier De Urie is a 22 year old stock car driver from the capital of the island St. Helena, Jamestown. He is the son of Jarge and Marge De Urie. He has a brother and sister, 20 year old Jax De Urie and 16 year old Sam De Urie.

Xavier had a pretty decent upbringing. No sob story for him really. At age 3 he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but when he got old enough to understand the disease he learnt to control it and it hasn't played a big factor in his life besides him having to keep it under control.

When Xavier was 7 he started to watch ARCSOA. He loved it, the action, battles, rivalries, and most importantly to him, the crashes. Because what kid racing fan didn't like crashes? He started to do competitive go karting at age 12. He was fairly good at it, scoring 5 total wins in his 25 go kart races.

When he was 15 he finally got the chance to hop behind the wheel of an actual stock car. He did... amazing! Better then any of the guys who he competed against in go karting. He raced in the UJJSCC which was simply the Union Jack Junior Stock Car Championship. So if you had the Union Jack on your flag then you could come. He won that in his first year. He kept doing that until age 17 where he won all the championships.

At age 17 he was ready to hop into a stock car, he went to tryouts for the new and highly underfunded AES team Nigel Norris Racing. But he fainted in the car, the stock car was too much for his diabetes. He was told racing wouldn't be something he should do because it was too hard on his body? What did he do? He never quit. He, with the help of some diabetes organizations came up with a device in any stock car that allowed him to check his blood whenever he needed and give him insulin. So at age 20 he gave it a whirl for the first time. It worked like a charm.

There was no series he could race in and no team tryouts so he continued to practice racing in a local Jamestown track. At age 22 he got notified Blue Flare Motorsports was holding a developmental camp and one driver would get a one year contract to race the #41 full time. He went and did the camp, placing second in the final race behind Arttu Nikula.

Lucky for him Arttu Nikula chose to go race for his Team Finland Rally team Team NOPEA Finland so De Urie got the contract and accepted. Word also has it Kenny Myatt will be his driving coach. He'll be making a run for ROTY in S22. There are some who say he has a chance at winning, but that'll have to be determined in S22.

OCC: There's not much about him like I did Collins because I don't want to have his life story out there. I plan to make a lot of his child unknown to make people wonder what it was like for him. I also added the diabetes thing to make him somewhat original in the universe like I like to do with my drivers.

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