Racer's Edge Interview: Jeffery Finguy

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Racer's Edge Interview: Jeffery Finguy Empty Racer's Edge Interview: Jeffery Finguy

Post by Finnish909 on October 14th 2016, 2:30 am

A recent episode of the racing show 'Racer's Edge', had a guest appearance from current SCS driver and driver of the #92 from his own team, Jeffery Finguy. Finguy talked about most things from the season in retrospect up to the point before the race of Auto Club. The host, David K. Dash, laid down some very tough and hard hitting questions about Finguy and his season and decisions so far in his SCS career.

Dash: "So, let's just get this out of the way real quick and I know you don't like the person I'm about to say. Perkins. Why the hell are you even speaking to this idiot even though he's pretty much a waste of time to begin with?"

Finguy: "Of course you start with him..." *Sigh* "...I'm just, always in his warpath really. Whenever he's always wining about his season and that, he's just loud about it. And when you just want some rest after some odd, over 300 miles or racing and junk. It get's repetitive..."

D: "So really as of late, you're just tired? At your age?"

F: "Let me rephrase. When you get out of the car and you want some time to recollect your thoughts and want to wine down, there's this idiot who's complaining he's not winning and not getting the wins he so call disturbs. So what? A team is better then you. Get over it. You can just win another one."

D: "Speaking of Sean Perkins, his words as of late kinda, pissed off the officials to a point that they pulled him out of the car at Auto Club. You care to comment?"

F: "I'm not speaking. Does it look like I want to start another pity fight?"

D: "But yet, how long is it until it really does start up again?"

F: "I don't know, nor I don't care. Leave it at he got what should be a lesson not to complain to management. And I'm not gonna lie, I did this when I didn't get into races in the Summer months. Yet I was complaining to about equipment and Chevy's throwing crap at us-"

D: "And yet, you are saying, you were like Perkins once before?"

F: "NO. At least with me, I am still in my car. I am racing with my own brand. What is Perkins doing? Sitting on the couch as I go out and attempt to qualify for Auto Club as Kyle Collins is in his seat. I give respect to everyone, but Perkins lost that since this year."

D: "This boiling point hit a peak the last two times didn't it? Perkins out of the 82, into the 41, and now out for this race. What about you?"

F: "Am I going for wins? No. You can just stop there and realize that you know, he is still getting a slap on the wrist until now. He's still given a chance he's cashed in too many times."

D: "Yet, he's got 2 Daytona 500 victories, a championship, and what do you have? 3 wins?"

F: "I have friends. That's what he doesn't have. He's nothing more than a pest to everyone. Now can we move on from him and about what I came here for and talk about the race coming up?"

The interview ended after that, outraged about what had happened, Finguy stormed out of the studio, outraged. In a later comment, he was asked to appear on the show to indeed talk about Sanoma and the race in Auto Club, obviously, the show had other ideas.
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