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Post by RedViperGaming on October 15th 2016, 7:58 pm

Driver Name: Nick Pericles
Age: 26 (OOC: I Think that's his age...I adjusted it to compensate for his Kids.)
Active Racing Series: ARCSOA Elite Series
Debut Season: Season 17
Current Team: SilverSpeed
Wins: 1
Best Points Finish: Season 20 (TBA)

In 1991, A Racer was born. Born in Homestead, Florida, Nick Pericles is known to have terrible luck on the track & talk with dripping sarcasm.
Over the course of time, Nick's mother, Alexandria adopted 3 children; Roman Rehall, Nicholas Sowman, and Ryder Smith. With Roman being the oldest out of the bunch. Of course, they were all Infants and needed desperate care.
Roman was born In 1990, Sowman In 1992, and Ryder in 1992.

When Nick was little, he would always watch ARCSOA events and drivers all the time.
Soon enough he became so addicted that it rubbed on to his siblings. Nick, Roman, Ryder, and Nico all started to race. As early as the ages of 14. Pericles developed a huge passion for racing.

Time passed & Pericles was AES ready, he was young and talented. He was hired by Visa Lola to drive the #62, he was having a pretty bad rookie season to say the least, only scoring 4 points in total. Pericles did however, show moments of potential where he could develop into a superstar caliber driver. He did manage to make a best friend out of that experience though, he met the most outgoing person he knows, his teammate Kyle Collins.

Despite the moments of potential, Pericles & Collins were both left ride less for the rest of the season. Even though it was just a change that had to be made. This would set up Pericles for the next part of his career.

Season 18, Pericles was picked up by the Team Thunder brigade. He had one of his best seasons yet with Team Thunder, scoring his win in one of the biggest crown jewels in ARCSOA, The Indianapolis 250.

It was also a very controversial race, due to Pericles passing his boss William Duncan on the final lap to claim that jewel. Even with that win, he was pretty consistent and finished well for most of the races.

Despite a great season, Pericles was not re-signed for Season 19. Instead, he was signed to Blue Flare Motorsports #81; And guess what? He was reunited with his still best friend Kyle Collins.

Pericles & Collins did manage to make a few heads turn as they drove some really terrible cars into points paying positions for a solid amount of time in some races. Along with Pericles' adopted older brother, Roman Rehall shocked the ARCOSA World with the runs he had. Although the team did develop much better in their second season.

Season 20, Pericles began a new stage in his career. Splitting up with his Teammate Collins for the second time in his career, Pericles was brought into the SilverSpeed stable to be mentored by Season 11 Champion Ryan Griffin. Pericles developed as a SuperSpeedway Master, although was previously known to be better on Ovals. Pericles had an average season, still adapting to the style and the power of the SilverSpeeds.

Season 21, Pericles & Griffin are being consistent and fast. Pericles nearly came away with a win a couple times this season, including a photo finish with his best friend Kyle Collins. Pericles has been fast and is bound to win a race soon.

To date today, Pericles has a family, including his 9 Year old Son Jay Pericles. Who is soon to be AES Ready. Along with his 7 Year old son Kyle "Collins" Pericles, named after Kyle Collins after a rough patch of Collins' life when he was injured terribly. His Wife Kassandra Still does compete in some local events & isn't looking to pursue a racing career. In fact, she has opted to write books for Young Adults.

Pericles hopes that his children Jay & Kyle will be able to carry the family banner in racing one day. Until then, it's Nick's chance to create a legacy for his family.

"A Perfect World is Never Perfect only filled with lies."

Nick Pericles
Owner & Runner of The VCS
Owner of Red Stallion Racing
Sony Cup Driver of Blue Flare Motorsports- #81
AES Driver of Blue Flare Motorsports - #81
S21 AES Champion - SilverSpeed #83
SCS Wins: 3 - Latest : 2015  Round 29 Of New York
AES Wins: 8
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Post by Hsuorttocs on December 8th 2016, 6:35 am

Damn. You went all out. Good job!

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