Andreas: We will make even more strides in 2017

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Andreas: We will make even more strides in 2017 Empty Andreas: We will make even more strides in 2017

Post by FUEL on October 19th 2016, 12:28 pm

Andreas Allen has been around in the Sony Cup Series since Season 2 and with 19 years in the racing business Allen has had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. For 2015 Andreas started up his own race team, Allen Family Racing Team, as one of the only dodge teams. Andreas and his team have been trying to get better as they had 1 win in 2015 and now 2 wins in 2016. Certianly if you look at the win column they are improving but if you look at the points sheet every driver on the team is outside the top 20 in points. Acosta with a win this year was unable to even be inside the Top 25 in points to make the Chase! They have struggled to be a competitive team every week consistently but has been making the best of their team and is right alongside HorizonGroup as the face of Dodge. So I sat down with Andreas after California on what he thought about his race team over the past 2 seasons and if he thinks he can get back into his winning ways.

Andreas: "I feel like our team at this point in time isn't on the level of a Martin Motorsports, Turner-Fenway, or Mace, but i am looking forward to next year, seeing as their will be a new car, putting us on equal footing with everyone else. A championship contender for next year? i'm not sure. I am glad we have Ryan back for next year who is our winning man. I felt bad that we couldn't get him into the chase, but i feel like next year we will make even more strides in 2017, the field is certainly more competitive then when i started racing way back when. A championship i think could be a thing in the near future, but next year? I am not sure.

What is the missing piece in the title puzzle?: "I think our only missing piece is engines, i mean Dodge has been helping us alot, and they have new engines for next season that i will be testing during the offseason. We also need help on our qualifying i feel like that has shot us in the foot alot this year, when you start bad on tracks where passing is hard, you tend to finish badly. I hope for next year that we will get more of our cars in victory lane, and maybe all of us into the top 20 in points."

Allen Family Racing Team has 2 wins this season all coming with Ryan Acosta the team sits 22nd  (Skye Commons), 23rd (Andreas Allen) and 27th (Ryan Acosta) in the main season points.

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